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Five days post laparoscopy with many complications and unexpected findings.... Feeling really rather low :-(

Went in to have a laparoscopic vaginal dissection due to endo being in the vaginal walls last Thursday (26/9/13) and was told I would be out the next day but waking up from surgery proved it would be a longer stay. My surgeon was quite shocked at how badly my bowel was stuck together and removing the top of the vagina proved difficult due to my bladder being stuck after being in theatre for a long time and losing a lot of blood I was understandably bruised and sore. By the Saturday I had rock bottom haemoglobin and couldn't keep anything down then add to that low oxygen levels and a chest infection I was feeling utterly miserable. Finally discharged this morning with a bag full of various medications by a junior doctor who when he asked if I had any questions couldn't answer any of them as he wasn't familiar with my operation!! Sorry to moan on just feeling understandably low and sore :-(

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You've had a rough time, phone the ward if you have any queries . Try and rest. Good luck and chin up x


That sounds awful ! If you have any questions or worries just go back in and speak to a doctor or consultant. GP's are pointless at this stage. If you believe there has been a lack of effort and you have been mistreated or understreated in anyone seek legal action


Thanks ladies, ill be ok think it's all been a bit too much for me as this has been going on for 13 years and being passed from pillar to post has taken its toll. Have seen my nurse this morning for a dressing change and had a good cry (she must've thought I was a right odd one this morning) I know it's gonna take a long recovery and need to take one step at a time. Thanks again x


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