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Endo, Post Lap, Bowel Pain and Prostap....worried


Quick background....2 previous laparotomies. Endo stage 3/4.

Had laporoscopy on 29th Aug. 2 big cysts, lot of endo removed including large strip on bowel. Plan 3 months prostap then IVF.

Now 4 1/2 weeks post lap. A week after lap had a lot of bad pain in my side around hip and into lower back. Rang consultant who said it was side effect of prostap (muscle and joint pain) and should settle which it has. Since then however had a lot of pain/pressure in my bottom. Kind of feels around the base of my spine into my bottom. Obviously loads of stuff going through my mind....damage from op etc etc. Went to doc's who said where I have the pain isn't where my bowel is and it seems more musculoskeletal which fits with the prostap side effect theory although he had never heard of this. Going to the toilet most days, had a little constipation on occasions but generally ok. Sorry for TMI but sometimes the pain/pressure feels right up my rectum!

Got follow up with consultant in 2 weeks but wondering whether to go back to GP and ask them for an examination to rule anything obvious out.

Does anyone have any experience either as a prostap side effect or as something else? Naively after 2 laparotomies I expected a laporocopy to be a breeze!

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Hi car, the pressure in your bum sounds just like one of the symptoms that Endo itself actually gives me. It is a very weird heavy sensation?

i am on prostap myself and proatap has completely removed my Endo symptoms so i am not experiencing the pressure in my bum at the min - thank god because it isn't a very comfortable feeling.

maybe it might be a new Endo symptom that u have developed? Xx


Hi CurlyWurlyAmy

Thanks for your reply.

I'm really hoping its not a new endo symptom as I've never had it before, just had surgery and endo removed and I'm on prostap so its all a bit worrying really.

Just out of interest did anything help take that feeling away when you had it? I'm taking paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine but it doesn't seem to make much difference.


Hi Car, no unfortunately nothing takes it away. I get it for the whole week before my period, it is accompanied with the most painful number twos ever and blood when i open my bowels.....i have Endo on the entrance to my rectum which is what causes it. Sometimes it is that sore that i cant sit down x


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