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Has anyone tried pycnogenol? also anyone else unable to have sex?

Hi has anyone heard off / tired the above herbal tablets? there has been some research into using it as a treatment for endometriosis post op and it is meant to ave good results. I have just started taking it and wondering if anyone has any experiences with it?

Also does anyone else really struggle to even attempt sex despite treatment for endometriosis? i don't seem to even be able to try as i feel like my 'bits' have closed over and its extremely painful and my skin tears on even attempting it. it very depressing and makes me feel very inadequate. i haven't been able to try since my lap so cant even say if the pain inside has improved at all or not. :(

P x

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Hi peppermint, I am about 8 wks post op for a lapartomy done to remove endo. I still get pain if I do anything that requires some effort, because of this I am scared to even attempt sex at this point. You are not alone in your concerns.


Hi Bachoo thank you for your reply. its good to hear i am not alone, as when you don't know anyone with endo, you can feel very alone at times even with understanding friends and family.

i have read that vaganismus (involuntary muscles spasms) can be linked to endo due to all the pain etc. i feel i may be suffering a bit from this too. its all really fraustrating and upsetting as we want to try for a baby now my endo has been treated but at the moment its just impossible due to the pain. x


You are welcome peppermint. Sorry I can't help you much more, because I too was recently officially diagnosed with this condition through a laparotomy that was suppose to remove ovarian cysts that showed up on a CT scan only to the surgeon surprise to realize that my uterus was stuck to my bowel, and it was not cysts. I always had painful periods from my teenage years into my adult years and I was always told it was just part of a woman's natural cycle. I went on birth control when I met my husband and I have been on them ever since. This seemed to control my painful periods quite a bit, however when I stopped taking them in march this year that is when all hell broke loose. I was constantly in unbearable pain. I had several tests done to see the source of the pain, and eventually they decided to do a CT Scan which showed ovarian cysts. To my surprise, when I woke up after the operation my surgeon and my husband told me that it was endo and not cysts like they thought. I am currently on zoladex to treat the endo and my surgeon told me that after a year he wants me to try to get pregnant, since I don't have any kids and never got pregnant at my age (32). My mind is ready to move on but my body still aches, so hey you are not alone. I am glad I found this site though because my friends and family certainly don't understand. Many of them never even heard about this condition before I mentioned it to them, and they can't imagine how painful it is.


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