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When will I get back to normal?

My laparoscopy was a week ago today and I'm so sick of lying on the sofa in pain! The wound on my bikini line hurts, I have pains around my rib cage and also what feel like period pain. I've stopped taking the pain killers cos it gave me shocking constipation which is slowly easing but I've got serious cabin fever. I don't feel like I can walk around but would some exercise help? Should I do yoga or will I just suddenly wake up feeling better one day?xx

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No missie, you will not wake up feeling better one day! if you can walk around your back garden or up and down the path outside, (I got seriously funny looks from my neighbours doing this in my slippers and whale trousers!) then do it. small gentle walks with someone beside you will make you feel so much better. The exercise will help the adhesions from sticking back together again, the fresh air will make you feel better not to mention the sense of achievement, now up you get, let me know how it goes x


Thank you darling I will try!x


For a simple lap, it took me 15 days to be back to "normal" (although gynae told me 7). Be patient, every woman reacts differently. AllBran cereals helps for constipation. Try to walk indeed very small steps whatever you can everyday at least for 2 hours (I would do 1 hour in my neighborhood block in the am and 1 hour in the pm and drink water after that. Having a routine every day helps to forget and you will see the improvement day by day which will encourage you.


Thank you ladies. I can report that I got dressed and left the house yesterday! Was hard and had to lie down when I got back but I defo felt better! The constipation has finally cleared which has made a huge difference and just shaved my legs which feels like a massive achievement! Hopefully today will be a good day xx

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I had my op Fri 13th Sep, so a week and 2 days ago and still haven't been able to go back to work. I've been getting really intense dizzy spells that seems the biggest thing to overcome... Apart from the fact that when I asked at the hospital if there was endometriosis they told me everything was fine, only to get a letter 7 days later telling me the opposite. Very stressful but at least I know why it's taken me so long to recover, they did have to remove some after all. The pain has seemed to have gotten worse the last few days, it's like that area has suddenly come back to consciousness and is giving me the usual symptomatic pains. Nothing that needs pain killers so that's something I guess. I just wish I knew how long till this dizzyness will pass, I need to get back to work!! :/ Walking around fine one minute, next I'm a space cadet!!


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