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New here and have a question on fertility

Hi Everybody,

I've been diagnosed with endo over a year ago. My doc told me that my chances of getting pregnant is lesser than a healthy normal person and told me to avoid refined sugar, gluten and dairy. Anyway I had to change docs because I had to move. Now my fertility specialist told me that my endo wasn't all that bad, she said that according to the research she has been exposed to, diet didn't have an effect on endo. Now I've heard opposing arguments. She said before I go in for ivf that I should go in for an overies stimulation and put me on the hormone shots.

While I was on the shots I went in for a scan (to make sure the eggs were maturing etc etc) and was told that my endo has resurfaced. I was gutted. I mean it was just a year. Was it the hormones that was making the endo grow or is it normal that it should grow back so quickly after a year. I was told that I would always live with my endo so I know it would grow up.

Will I ever get pregnant? I've sometimes had a piece of cake and a slice of bread but I don't make it a part of my day to day meals, I only indulge when I go out to visit friends which doesn't happen all that often.

Thanks alot for listening

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Hi, firstly I'm sorry to hear of your situation and can sympathise. Unfortunately due to the unpredictable nature of endo nobody can really say whether you will or won't have children without help. For me both my ovaries are engulfed in endo cells and every time I have a laparoscopy it lasts about 2 weeks before the collections of cells are back on my ultrasound! I am currently at 29 being put through the menopause in preparation for a total hysterectomy, however I haven't been trying for children so I'm sorry I can't imagine how you feel. Please stick with it and make sure you are in regular contact with your fertility docs and gynae docs and tell them what you want and what they can do to help you achieve it.

Take care x

Ps I've tried no wheat, no milk, no carbs etc and none work at all and the evidence is very weak and definitely not good enough to evoke change x


Hi there sorry to hear about your situation. What were the hormone shots you were on? The reason i ask is that some hormone stimulation drugs are known to aggravate endo so you want to make sure your GP fully understands endo and fertility. Second question is have you had your AMH and FSH checked? These are both a good indication of whether conceiving naturally might be option and also how you might respond to IVF.

Hope that helps.



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