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Help! New to all this. Lots of questions! :(

Hi, I've been having horrendous problems for the last few months and endometriosis has been mentioned as a possible cause. My periods were very heavy and uncomfortable with spotting in between up until last Christmas. Over Christmas / new year I was put on norethisterone to stop me bleeding. This sent my hormones wild and when I stopped taking it the pain was unbelievable. My periods continued to be irregular so I was put cerazette which caused me to bleed for a month. My periods every other month are so painful I am blacking out and being sick. I was sent for a scan which revealed the lining if my womb was thickened and I had an ovarian cyst and fibroids. Gynae attempted an endometrial biopsy but my cervix was impassable and after 4 attempts gave up. My next period the following week was so bad I ended up in A&E. I am now awaiting a date to go in for the biopsy, a camera insertion and they wish to insert a coil. This month the pain is awful again and I'm so bloated. I've been sick again and everything is blacking out but I also can't see properly which scares me! My bleeding no longer comes heavily either. Anyone else having similar???

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Sounds more like adenomyosis than endometriosis.


Endo doesn't grow inside the uterus so won't account for any swellings there and endo is not connected to fibrods (two separate conditions.)

There are ladies with adeno and endo, but usually it is one or the other causing problems.

Regarding the ovarian cyst, did they say what kind of cyst it looked like?

Endometriomas and complx cysts have a mix of clear and blood contents and show up rather fidderently on scans from all clear fluid cysts you would expect to have each month anyway.

For the time being stopping your monthly periods is going make a huge difference, i certainly do recommend the mirena coil, and i have endo, but there are some ladies with adeno that didn't think it helped them enough. We are all different but it i certainly worth getting put in under general anaesthetic if your cervix is now in trouble (OUCH!!)

You must try and give it about 5 months or so to get to work to stop your periods and period pains. Meanwhile you might be put on drugs to reduce the fibroid too. or try taking BC pills back to back continuously till the Mirena is ready to work for you.

Blacking or and vision issues could be associated with your blood pressure not helped by the stress your body is under due to the pain.

Some drugs can give you blurred vision too, so check the patient advice leaflet on any of the meds you are taking at present. Hope you get some relief soon. Definitely check out the Adeno website and see if the criteria matches your symptoms.


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