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Latest lap at specialist centre found one endo spot, can one spot be causing lots of pain?


I had my latest lap (4th) at a specialist centre and one spot of endo was found, everything else looked very healthy. So why am I still having such bad cramping pain? I have just had 12 straight days of cramps.

When I came round from the op I was told by a registrar I didn't have endo and she was going to discharge me. I insisted on seeing the consultant for a follow up appointment. At the follow up I saw endo on the photos and he said oh yes but that's wouldn't be causing you any problems! I have always read that a small amount can cause all sorts of problems. I said this to the consultant and he said, well some people do think that.

So I would have been discharged with endo still there and not even knowing it. I travelled a long way and it cost lots of money to go there and now I don't know what to do. He couldn't see a reason for my pain and said a hysterectomy would be best. If he couldn't see another reason for the pain and there was only one lesion I can't see why he didn't just remove it there and then!

Does anyone know if one lesion can cause all sorts of pain?


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Hi, sorry you are going through this. What specialist centre did you use? I had my 2nd lap 2 weeks ago to be told that they couldn't find any reasons for my pain and that it could be due to my kidneys. I am still convinced it is gynea related. The consultant did mention she saw a varicose vein in my pelvis. I started to research this and have been reading up about pelvic congestion syndrome. I am going to mention this at post op appointment if I ever get one! I noticed that it matched a lot of my symptoms but is not solved by a hysterectomy. Apparently the large veins are hard to see in a lap becse you are lying down. It might be worth looking it up. Sorry I couldn't be any more help.


Hi, I'd rather not name names really in case I go back there. During the post op appointment the consultant mentioned the pain may be coming from my bowel (I also have IBS), do people really think we can't tell the difference between period type cramping and IBS spasm pain? I did tell him this but on the letter I have since received he says he thinks this may be causing my pain, he obviously either didn't listed to what i said or didn't believe me. Thanks for the reply, I am beginning to loose my mind over all this!!!!


Visible endo is one thing, and it might be on something that would be too tricky for the skill level of your surgeon to tackle.

But there is another condition which cannot usually be seen visually during a lap op and that is similar to endo, called adenomyosis or adeno for short and it devlops inside the muscle walls of the uterus and cramping is a big indicator for adeno.

You might want to read up on adenomyosis and have a chat with your Gynae about having an MRI scan on the uterus walls when you are on a period, to see if there is additional bleeding activity in the muscle walls themselves.

Here is the website for adeno



Hi, thanks for the interesting reply, this was mentioned by a consultant a while ago but it was discounted, not sure why. I will have a read up on it though, there seems to be little else left!

The surgeon could easily of removed the dot he did see, he is a very well qualified surgeon' He must just think one dot can't cause problems and so it's not worth the bother to remove it, even though it could be causing the problem and he has no alternative explanation apart from bowel pain, which I know it isn't. I think my only choice is to pay to go to another specialist centre to have the hysterectomy and excison at the same time, more time and money which i just don't have. Give me strength ......


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