I live in Leicester and I can't found any Endo specialist centre nearby from the BSGE Accredited Centres list. Can I be referred to any?

I am thinking to get referred to an endo specialist if my consultant is still reluctant to do my operation at my next appointment. Can my GP refer me to the specialist? or do the hospital doctor has to refer me?

Also I live in Leicester and there isn't one according to the endo centre list. Can I go any of these? I remembered there was one in Northampton, is it gone?

If I can be referred to any of those maybe I could go the ones in London. Which one would you recommend?

Thanks xxx

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  • Yes you can ask for a referral to any and it is done through your GP in the first instance - but there is nothing to stop you contacting the endo centres by email and asking them in advance whether they would consider handling your specific case.

    If you give them a brief background of the surgeries and treatments you hve already had and what you now expect to have to have next time.

  • Thanks I will have a go. I guess there would be a long waiting list before I can get to see them I suppose...

  • Hi, I was diagnosed in Leicester a few years ago and really has to fight for them to even do a lap! The consultant then told me I could either have a full hysterectomy or induce menopause through injections, baring in mind I was 19 at the time! I ended up going privately coz I was so annoyed at them, Leicester nhs is useless for endo

  • Full hysterectomy at 19 because of endo?! I hope you got treated well at privet hospital. I don't think I can afford it. I had 3 diagnose lap to and they finally found endo at Leicester NHS hospital but they seem to reluctant to cut the endo off!

  • I found Leicester to be the most unhelpful city in regards to endometriosis. If you can, try & get an appointment at the Spire Hospital xxxx

  • I wish I could just go private but I don't think I can afford. I should thought about a health insurance 10 years ago when I didn't know anything about endo!

    Have you had any success at the Spire Hospital?

  • Just seen this about spire hosp, that's where I went a few years ago, treatment was completely life changing it's worth every penny

  • There's an endo centre in Stoke on Trent - not too far away. There are none in Wales aand only 1 in Scotland, so all things considered getting to Stoke is not huge journey. It must be about an hour's drive and most of that on motorway or dual carriage way along the A50.

  • Thanks for finding it out. I didn't check the provisional Centre page. The hospital in Stoke on trent is probably over one hour drive. I can drive to there for the appointments. If I have a lap there in my lucky day, I will have to get a taxi back as my husband doesn't drive but it would be cheaper than private hospital treatment.

    Would any endo specialists have good skill? Provisional centre means they haven't had as many case as other endo specialist hospital, have they? But on the other hand they may have more likely to see me quicker.

  • I'm also trying to get to see an BSGE specialist I live nr Nottingham the only one nr me is Sheffield The Royal Hallamshire Hospital also a couple yorkshire way middleborough there are other ones not sure how far you want to travel have a look at their site it has all the lists there. Good Luck sorry I can't help more :( let me know if you find any

  • I agree with someone else your best bet will be the Stoke on Trent centre not too far from Leicestershire...send them an email or give them a bell...Good luck hope you get sorted soon

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