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I am 18 and may have endometriosis. If it is confirmed when should I start trying for a family?

I have been having terrible pains and a lot of pain during sex, I went to the doctors last week and told I may have endometriosis which could effect my fertility. I'm having a laparoscopy to confirm if I have it and what stage I have it.

I am 18 and very concerned that I will have challenges concieving or carrying to term. If it is confirmed what do I do? Do I start trying for a baby for fear I won't be able to have my own family if I am told I have it? Not necessarily with my bf but perhaps using a sperm donor to prevent instability in the child's life. Is this crazy or would it be silly for me to wait for risk of complications if I do have endo?

I am starting university and currently work full time as an au pair if that helps at all and my family is very supportive as my mum used to be a midwife, I would just like opinions from people who have experienced this please.

Thank you :-) x

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I noticed no one had replied and know myself when you are desperate for a answers what a reply on here means.

First of all I wanted to reassure you that conceiving when you have endo is not impossible at all.

The first step is to gave the lap and find out if you do have endo.

An important question to ask the surgeon if they do find it is what stage of endo you have, where it is and if your tubes and uterus look clear.

For example i got diagnosed in Jan and have it my pouch of douglas and uteral sacral ligaments but my uterus and tubes look ok. I wont know until i try and conceive.

The gynae will tell you at time of op if your endo is severe and if they advise you to try and conceive in a certain amount of time. Usually if this is advised it is within six months of the op as this is when your body will be clearest from endo.

If you are not ready to have a baby there are drugs to help keep endo at bay, although there is no cure.

Try not to worry about worse case scenario just yet. The fact you are having a lap at a young age puts you in a good position.

If you can ask for one where they treat try and remove endo at the same time and if you can get it done by an endo specialist all the better.

In the meantime do tons of research into treatment options.

Best of luckxxx



I totally understand where you are coming from. I thought the exact same when I went throught mine. My op was 5 months ago and my results were fine and didn't affect my tubes or ovaries. I wouldn't worry to much until after your op, as information I received before my op about my condition was different and more severe to my results, just concentrate on uni to keep your mind off worrying.

I wouldn't rush into having a baby if your not ready, there are many natural ways to help the pain and slow down the process. I found the certain contraceptives with less oestrogen in help ease some of the symtoms.

Hope this helps.

Vikki x


Hello, I hope your ok. I got diagnosed in May at 19 ... It was very duarnting. I was diagnosed with endo on my bladder, pouch of Douglas, tubes and in and on my ovaries. I am now on a pill which I take 3 times a day until I'm 'ready' to try for a family. I am extremly worried I will not be able to conceive but right now no one knows. My consultant is near on rubbish so please make sure you are happy with yours. Don't worry though until you have the results as right now you cant change anything. Just stay positive! Xx


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