Surrounded by crowing mother's

Everywhere I look lately are mother's going on about how great their kids are and how great it to be a monther and how many hundreds of kids they want. I just want one is that so much to ask for? I go to facebook and all my friends are going on about what thier kid is doing at the moment. I turn on the radio and some woman is going on about how great it to be a mother. It's just so unfair do they not know there are people like me in the world.

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  • Snap! God, its so frustrating sometimes..... I am worried about fertility AND finances with regards to children and I know all these people who are having kids who are financially unstable and who have no fertility issues etc and it does get a little upsetting in my lowest moments....

    but I can change who's feeds I get more or less of

    so I can switch certain people who always go on about their kids (or anything else I find annoying) from "all updates" to "most updates" or "only important" and you can unsubscribe too.

    just in case you dont know: go on your friends page and put your mouse over the bit that says "subscribed" then you can choose how much info.... plus you can hide particular updates.


  • ah I didnt't know this ty Crystal I can do without most of the posts from these people and just look if I am in a mood to handle it properly. :)


  • exactly.... my feed is free from unwanted stuff now... mostly x glad to help

  • I feel your pain, I honestly do. It was only last week that I deleted so many "acquaintances" from my facebook. I hadn't spoken to any of them in years, and yet I let their statuses and baby scans get me so down. It's really helped getting rid of them - I now have my true friends on facebook, and those are the ones I am genuinely happy for having a baby. The rest were kids having kids, or so it felt. But Starri, you are not alone xxx

  • I have actually done the opposite. I was the same, constantly seeing babies and pregnancy everywhere, constantly in emotionall pain from it all. Then someone suggested to me that I should welcome this rather than try to avoid. I was skeptical, but honestly it has worked for me.

    Instead of wanting to cry when I see a pregnant woman, I smile and wish her well

    Instead of avoiding the baby pictures, I look at them, be happy for their parents, comment on the pic and watch how they are doing. I don't rush past the part of the shop selling baby clothes, I browse and sometimes buy bits for my friends babies.

    I am really surprised at how much better this has all made me feel. I feel sad still, but far less bitter and pressured. I no longer feel like life is poking fun at me but just that everyone is different. I feel more relaxed about talking about my infertility issues.

    Like I say, I was skeptical at first but it really has helped me. Good luck x

  • I think the point is that control of emotions comes from within, and changing your environment can only do so much. Learning to change your own emotions and reactions to things brings far more peace than the constant struggle to avoid certain triggers.

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