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Pain in lower right side, travelling down thighs and leg!

Im a longer sufferer from endometriosis my last lap was clear but then was told they could of missed some!! I also have PCOS. On Saturday the right side of my stomach swelled up and looked like I had a babys head sticking out!! On Sunday morning I woke up in immense pain, couldn't put pressure on my right leg as the pain was travelling down it. After taking tramadol, co dydramol and diclofenic the pain eased but was still there. I was at dr today who just prescribed me more painkillers and in her words "you've been turned inside out recently and don't want to do much more investigating" The pain is just unbearable and I cant keep on taking all the painkillers as I have 3yr old, 7yr old and 14yr old to look after. I have no idea whats causing this pain.

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Hi Gillian I know exactly what your going through the majority of the pain I get is down right side and back and legs and it can take your breathe away then makes you feel sick because its that bad, I take mefenamic acid these dont make you drowsy and take the edge of the pain however they don't completely get rid of it, I haven't officially been diagnosed with endo however they have seen adenomosis in uterus and ovary on right side not mobile hope you get your pain sorted as its not nice when you have small children to care for thoughts with you x x


Thank you! Its just so draining to be in pain all the time.


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