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Surgery done

Hello I had my surgery xterday removed cycst and endo consultant also dye test my tubes after surgery didn't get to see my consultant but he came ard for 5 mins and said i should try and get pregant as soon as I heal up he also said I shud come see him in 6 weeks time was given tramadol and antibiotic been feeling dizzy since taken tramadol is it nomal and also does anyone knw why he said i shud ttc after Healn any sugestions pls thx

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because they have cut back adhesions and tackled endo and for the time being you are considered fertile and the engine is running smoothly as it has been serviced, now is the best time to try to have a baby if that is something you want to do.

It is more likely to be successful after a clean up op, but in a few months time the adhesions /scar tissue will have built up again and could block the route of the hatched egg getting to and through the fallopian tubes.

It's your choice. Of course you don't have to try for a baby if you are not able to cope with one now, can't afford one, your career takes priority and all the other miriad of reasons why now is not the time for you to be having a baby.

But if it is something you were planning to do in the next couple of years anyway, then bring the plans forward as your body is clear enough to have a successful outcome.

First things first though is to get through the healing, get that trapped gas out of your body asap and look after yourself. Get plenty of rest in between regular short walks pottering about your home. Drink plenty water, eat healthy foods look after your wounds and don't over do it for a few weeks.

Feeling and indeed being sick right after surgery is a common reaction to the anaesthetic used in the surgery and sometimes the pain meds taken during and after the surgery too.

I projectile vomited like something from the exorcist after my 1st op.

I did much better after my 2nd one which was a lot bigger, and I did not embarass myself at all that time.

Feeling dizzy is normal too, you will probably be quite dehydrated having not had anything to eat or drink for hours before surgery, so keep topping up with water and get something to eat too. even if you feel queasy, your body does need supplies inorder to heal.

Sit up in bed, and stand up next to the bed holding on to the bed in case you do faint.

Ask a nurse to come and help you, but you should feel the benefits of getting active and getting the blood circulating asap. Gentle but frequent movements will help stave off a DVT, shift the trapped gas and keep your bowels moving. It will hurt but it must be done.

Speedy Recovery wishes to you.


Thank you so much so glad you replied I have been ttc for a year now and nothing happened after pain in my pelvic was diagonised with endo and adhesions. Also wat abt metabolism socks how long do I have to put on for is it also nomal u get a bit of bleeding thanks so much


Hello. I had my second lap a week ago and had A LOT of bleeding both times so definitely normal. I was told to leave the socks on for 2 days as a precaution. Just get plenty of rest as as per previous post, don't try to do too much. I wasn't too bad after first lap, seemed to be okish after about a week. This time I'm still really struggling to walk or dress eye independently so each lap is different. Hope you are beginning to feel better



Eye should have said etc sorry for that!


Thanks charliebear me too am bleeding a lot and I hope you get well soon me too d first one to remove cycst wasn't dis bad but d second one to treat endo and adhesion is so painful thanks for replying and hope you get well soon


You have the optimum change of conceiving after surgery as it is like wiping the slate clean and starting again before it starts to grow back and become more difficult. I had my first lap a week and a half ago but my endo is very severe and i am on zoladex for 6 months to shrink the endo as they couldn't remove it all. My consultant says i will have another lap after that and then they advise me to ttc but also that it might not be possible and that i could need IVF. I wish you all the luck with your recovery and i have good vibes that you will be lucky and it will work out for you.


Thank you busylizzy how are you feeling now guess u are feeling beta apparently I also had severe endo but d only thing doctor. Said was to ttc and he said I shud come bk in 6weeks time thanks dear and I hope it goes well for you too goodluck dear and thanks for replying


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