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Mirena coil and lap questions??

I'm seeing my gp next week about my endo options- I assume she will refer me for a lap. Ive been considering either the pill (cilest?) or mirena coil. I just wanted to know, will i be put to sleep for the lap? And can they fit the mirena while I'm a sleep? I have a tilted uterus and haven't heard great things about it being fitted. Would rather be unconscious I think! Xx

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Yep it's a general anaesthetic for the lap and they can fit mirena in then. I had mine done this way but I didn't agree with and had it removed 3 months later conscious and felt nothing.


I have a tilted uterus too and had mine put in under local anaesthetic - it wasn't the day out I'd necessarily choose! but it wasn't really that horrendous, either.

But seeing as you'll probably be having a lap anyway, you may as well get the Mirena put in then :)


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