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Severe pain and bizarre period, 6 weeks on, is this normal?

I am almost 6 weeks on from my lap where I had endo lasered, scar tissue removed and a cyst dealt with. I've been in a lot of pain since, which has in turn created anxiety and panic attacks - which I think has slowed down my recovery a lot. The surgeon told me to take my pill back to back to avoid a period. My pill free week would have been last week - well I was in pain - pretty bad pain as well last week! And now today I've had actual period pains and break through bleeding. Is this normal?? I just don't know what on earth is going on inside me but the anxiety is becoming too much.... everyt ime I feel pain I get an attack which in turn makes it worse. Advice?

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Taking a pill back to back has never worked for me. For many years, my body completely ignored any pill I was taking and just bled when it felt like it (for many years this meant 16-day-long periods every month).

After a recent lap, I had three periods in four weeks. I think the body can react to the physical stress of the op in this way when you have this condition. For me, it did calm down after month two and I'm now back to what's normal for me.

For me, anxiety can make all of my symptoms worse, so it sounds like you might be in a bit of a vicious circle.

It's really difficult not to get stressed in these circumstances, but try to remember completely normal to be in pain after an operation and, as you say, stress will extend the healing process.

Also, the extra hormones you are taking may be affecting your mood, too.

I find life is a lot brighter with a daily dose of starflower and evening primrose oil. I also take 5-HTP, which has really helped me calm down, but do read up on it before taking it. It doesn't suit everyone.

Good luck! I hope things get easier for you really soon.


Thank you for responding. You are right, it is a vicious circle - the pain brings on the anxiety and the anxiety just makes the pain worse. I think it all started because my surgeon told me I'd be ok within a few days and 6 weeks on I've yet to have a pain free day. And just the thought of the pain never ending I think has just brought on this anxiety because I just am living a half existence at the moment.

I thought perhaps the whole back to back thing might take a while to work properly, but I'm just in the panic mindset at the minute where I feel period pains and on top of the general pain, it all just worries me!

But I am trying to calm down and not freak out - I also take Evening primrose!

Thanks again x


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