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After hysterectomy. . Do's & dont's...I feel fine :-)

Hi ladies. Hope you all doing as well as can do...just wondering if anyone had a hysterectomy and felt great within a week??

I had my op 9 days ago & feel really well but heard a few stories of ppl feeling ok then going down hill again..what are average time scales of what I can do and when..Im shocked at what some ppl say..

Lots of hugs

Laura xxx??

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Hi Laura, I am 6 weeks post total hysterectomy by laparoscopy procedure. Because of other problems I've been held back from moving forward. However I have treated the healing process the same. No lifting, ironing, hoovering , driving for the 6 weeks! Keep your fluids up. Gradually I started with a bit of dusting and cleaning sinks, loading dishwasher. I was still cautious about lifting pans of water and laundry baskets out to the line. Get someone to do this for you when your ready but you shouldn't do any of these until 2-3 weeks atleast. Rest, potter, rest! It is surprising how great you feel but that's probably a reflection on how horrid you were feeling before..what a bonus!! I had another procedure this week which has put the spring back in my step. I have walked and done more today than I have in the last 6 weeks. I wanted so badly to get out and do it but I can tell you I'm feeling it now. I'm very tender on my left side so rest day tomorrow. Little and often I've obviously still got a little way to go. You must listen to your body. We're all different but seriously take it easy and accept all the help that's offered. So pleased that you feel great, don't do anything that could put you back because mentally you feel it's possible, physically you won't be!! Take care, be careful and before you know it you'll be doing so much more. Enjoy the rest ;). Jxx


I have a hysterectomy abdominally in january , its so hard to just sit there isn't it. It depends on how your uterus was removed. But after a few weeks I felt like I could climb Everest but hubby kept making me sit because its too easy to do too much! For me i think because I'd had awful awful awful periods for 24 years, I'd been anemic most of that time, nothing else had worked and I had new found energy and lease of life!

Just don't rush it too much, you will know if your body is tired. But still don't lift too much you can't see what youre doin on the inside x


I had a viginal hysterectomy done 3 days ago and feel great, I feel guilty for not feeling like death warmed up, I woke up after the operation feeling like a big weight had been taken off my shoulders, I had been living in fear how bad it was going to be. I have a little pain in my tummy when I move, it is more like period pain, I can't bounce around like normal as I get tired faster, I am forcing myself to rest, as I have also read some scary stories about not looking after them selves. So far so good. ..


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