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Is there an app for the endo diet?

Hey, just wondering if there was an app or a website or something, where you can type in "can I eat xxxx" I really want to follow this diet but it's so hard and I find that I go trawling through pages of info, trying to find out whether I can eat certain things..

Has anyone found any helpful resources that they could recommend which might help me? It's so hard but I'm determind!


Millie xx

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Hi Millie,

I don't know of any endo diet specific apps but there seem to be lots of gf ones if that's any help to you? I have been following the diet for around 3 months now and it's only really the hidden gluten in certain things that I find difficult! Although I haven't been on the diet long I have found that its easier to omit gluten products completely or make your own from scratch rather than try shop gf alternatives- the ones I've tried are expensive and just don't taste the same. I make an exception for flour blends which I use a lot! I have joined a Facebook group called Endometriosis Diet and Nutrition Support group which has been a lifesaver- lots of recipes on there and ladies who know so much about it and can help with any questions.

I hope your feeling better for following the diet :) xx


Don't know of an app, but there is plenty of advice out there. Go to Twitter and query #endodiet. Other sisters are posting suggestions on that topic.

Dr. Weil who is highly respected in the healthy diet community suggests an anti-inflammatory diet at drweil.com/drw/u/ART03114/E... but although he is GREAT when it comes to diet and general health, he is not an endo specialist so we don't know if he actually worked with an endo sufferer to see if his recommendations helped. But there is other evidence to support that an anti-inflammatory diet does help. So I pass that on.

I prefer getting diet advice from someone who is actually treating endometriosis so they can report back on their results, or from the endo sisters themselves who will share their own personal experience. Been burned to many times so I research everything. My personal rule of thumb is to be skeptical of those trying to sell me a pill, a vitamin or a cookbook unless the recommendation for that pill, vitamin or cookbook comes from first from someone unbiased. But that's me. I tend to be very skeptical and am a very hard sell. I avoid snake oil like the plague.

What I've heard in Twitter is that some say diet helps a lot. Others say diet has no effect at all. It just depends on your body. But one thing for sure, a good healthy diet is always good for your body - any body.


Millie, can you post the link to the Facebook group please? Is going GF working for you? I have low thyroid now and they say that could be gluten intolerance. Apparently the thyroid molecule looks just like a Gluten one. So if you are sensitive to gluten, your body will attack your thyroid. But I went GF for a couple of months and didn't experience any positive effects. Maybe I need to stick on it longer.


Hey, it was Henners who mentioned the facebook thing, not me, so I can't post the FB link I'm afraid but if you reply to her post above I'm sure she will.

Um, I'm finding it really hard to be completely gluten free so I'm not sure it's working but I have pretty much completely cut out wheat and dairy which really does help. I decided to do it one day after eating spaghetti bolognaise and then going to the pub with my friend .. I was pretty much laying on the floor in agony and looked like I was 9 months and about to drop! My belly was so swollen and it felt like someone was stabbing me in the belly button :( I'm sure that's the pasta.

I would say that the endo diet is not necessarily helping my endo pain but it does help with all the food intolerances that seem to come along with it. So, if I eat whatever I want then my belly bloats and I get stabby pain and I feel lethargic and depressed, whereas if I eat salad / veggies and fruit then I feel much better, flatter tummy and much more energetic but I still get ovary pain and leg pain.. but it's easier to handle when you don't feel low.. so it does help I guess!

Much love

Millie xx


Tried to find that FB group and all Facebook gave me were web results. But there are some great ones in the list. Just search on Endometriosis Diet and Nutrition Support


Try a web site called endoresolved. Someone else suggested it on here so I had a look. I bought the book they mention for the endo diet because basically it sounds like you can't eat anything, it is very drastic but I think all of us on here are willing to try almost anything. The book gives a lot of information about the food we eat and what it can do to us. Very helpful, and it gives you ideas of recipes and alternatives to use rather than milk and sugar etc. ive been doing it for 5 days so not sure how helpful it's going to be in helping with pain etc. but a healthy diet has to be good for anyone. I've tried cutting out all that they say but will introduce things now and then to see my reaction, I know wheat is definitely bad for me but I'm not sure I can continue forever without a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine! Good luck x


Try this website, I have found it quite useful in foods to avoid and foods that are beneficial as well as helpful vitamins and minerals. endo-resolved.com/diet.html x


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