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24 hours after laparoscopy- please help!

I had my laparoscopy yesterday. Very mixed feelings to what they found. I was told three different things by three different people. One nurse said they found endo on both my ovaries and an adehesion on my uterus. I was down in theatre for 3 hours and they said it should have only taken an hour. Because my surgery over run i wasn't able to see my doctor. So when someone else come up and told me they found nothing i was confused. Then another nurse said that there was two red marks they burnt away on the ovaries and removed all the scar tissue on the uterus.

What does this mean? Do i have endo or not? On my dis charge letter it says mild endo and adehsions found. No need for follow up with doctor.

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I would definitely trust the discharge letter rather than what the nurses have said. There were probably multiple patients and sometimes they might have confused you with someone else.

You should be able to ring the doctor or the ward again if you want to discuss the results. I didn't get a follow up too but have made an appointment with my gp to see if they can shed more light.


Totally agree with the letter/nurses thing, go with the letter.

Also, I agree about the GP thing. The surgeon/consultant will send a detailed report to your GP and if they feel you need go see the consultant again (e.g. To pursue zolodex) they will re-refer you, but it's normally quicker than the initial referral. With my consultant I just call his secretary and she books me in as they keep your file "open" for a year normally.

Good luck!x


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