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Had appendix out a year ago-would they have noticed endo

Thanks to those who answered my last question. I cant get in touch with my gyne and have to wait 3 weeks for appointment.. But i was thinking..i had my appendix out may last year.. See im thinking why i havent been offered a lap to see if i actually do have endo , maybes its because i had my appendix out only a year ago and they didnt see anything..but then again they wouldnt be looking properly would they?? Im fed up suffering, iv just come back from a'n'e with yet more painkillers - nobody will give me answers and its so fustrating waiting and waiting to have a 5 minute talk to a gyne that clearly doesnt want to help other than offering a hysterectomy... I feel like giving up im so upset today (hormones probs) :(....

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Hi lovely,

I had this exact question when I had a laprascopy and my gaeny told me that I had it bad definitely stage 4 and it would have been growing for years! So that got me thinking 2 years previous from that op I'd had a laproptomy from my rib right down to my pelvis, someone surely would have noticed being 'so bad' but my gaeny just told me what you have been thinking they were not looking for it (which still didn't make sense to me since it was exploratory surgery) hope that answered why they wouldn't have noticed it lovely xx p.s. Please don't give up you are not alone and hopefully soon you'll get answers xxx


Hi marshmellow1 and thankyou so much for ur reply! I guess it could be endo then. I wonder how i convince them to give me a lap, its all very well trying strong painkillers and hormones but i need a answer.. Offering me a hysterectomy isnt going to help if it is endo. Im due to have a zoladex injection on monday morn and im so confused on what to do. I do appreciate ur help hun and its put my mind at rest (im not mad lol) im so glad i found this site. Everyone has been very supportive and iv had better answers off other ladies than i have doctors and gynes.. Thanks again.xx


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