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What else can i do?

I have stopped taking all my medications for my pain. Now i am desperately in need of help. the pain is getting the best of me. The nausea, the pinches, the cramps, the lower back and abdomen pain gosh i wish it could all go away. i went to work today and had to literally hold on to everything to move my body. it was so much i started crying in front of my students. i took the rest of the day off which my director was hesitant to give me since i spent half of last month at home. i know they will fire me because i have been staying away too much but i really can't help myself. My arms and legs hurt so bad it has become more difficult for me 2 do my job properly and i am often depressed and can't stand so many things. I get terrible mood swings which make people not want to be around me. my life is crashing and i can't stop crying but i really do not know what else to do. please can someone help me.

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Hun I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I take it from your reference to students you are a teacher? I am too, just finished training and I can sympathise with your pains. I used to struggle to write things up on he board as my arms would ache so much. Sometimes I would use PowerPoint and sit at my desk and type up what I would write on the board as I found it easier. Other days when really bad I would have the kids come be 'teacher' and write up keywords on the board etc.

Have you tried naproxen? It's the same ingredient that's in feminax and that helps my pain. I took 2 250mg tablets twice a day plus regular paracetamol. Takes a few days to build up in system but it does help. Alverine citrate helps too. It's an anti spasmonal for IBS but also used in bad period pain (took my doc years to believe me then one day he read up on it and realised I was right).

I also found being honest with my students helped. He days when my legs and backed ached so much I would just sit on a stool and tell my class 'miss doesn't feel too well today so can I have some helpers to give out the books, worksheets' etc.

I also bought a microwaveable heat pack. I'm allergic to wheat so found an owl shaped one called hootie. I sometimes sit him on my tummy after a spin in the microwave and the kids love it too.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


hi thank you for the advice. i never tried naproxen. i will consult my doc about it and i do explain to my kids how i feel sometimes they co-operate but most times they get out of hand but i guess its just a thing kids their age do. it is becoming more and more difficult for me by the days and i am really considering resigning.i heard other women talking about the microwaveable heat pack but i really do not know where to get one in my area so i cannot try that for now.



Please stay strong. We have our good days and bad.


thank you its tough but i am trying


Every chemist sells wheat packs (I have a large collection!) usually next to the hot water bottles or behind the counter.

Whey have you stopped all painkillers? What about paracetomal and ibuprofen - they might not stop it, but they take the edge off.

The endo diet helps a lot of people - good luck x


hi, thank u for your response but like you i have a lot of pill stacked up but they are not much help i use ibuprofen, diclofenac, paracetomal and a lot ,more but they just work for a few minutes and after its back to square one for me with the pains and that is why i decided to stay off of all pills. i heard of the endo diet and i am working on it but i guess i have 2 wait a while to see results.


Hi I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain, my husband is a teacher and i know how long the hours are (never ending it seems) and the demands of the job. HAve you contacted your

union rep? they may be able to help with occupational health? maybe they could mediate with your boss so that you can talk things through with them.

Also you could get refered to a pain management clinic by your Gp?

Personally i have found going to see a private nutritionist helps, as does councelling sometimes.

Some people say accupuncture helps, or massage? make sure you book things to look forward to in the holidays. take time to treat yourself.

It may be worth changing Gp if you feel you are not getting far with your current one, if you can?

best wishes, i really hope you feel better, hang in there, i'm sure your a great teacher,



hi, thank you. i work with a private organization and there is no union to represent me where anything is concerned and i thinking of resigning when this term is over. i took counselling before and it helped but i stopped for a few reasons guess i have to restart. i get a lot of massages done often by a specialist and indeed it helps.there are two private doctors taking care of me and both of them seems to have the same idea that i need to do another lap. when i did my first lap it was crazy for me and i am scared to do another but i want the pain to go and also doing the lap really does not help because the endo comes back to hunt you. so i am left in a tough spot so many decisions to make and i am very fearful.


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