Today's the day!

Well after a bit of a wait I finally have my appointment at the BSGE centre this afternoon. I'm feeling nervous but hopeful that I may get some answers as to where we go from here. I've just seen an article to say the centre has received recognition for its work which makes me feel more hopeful. I have my pain questionnaire filled out and a list of my own questions too. I'll keep you posted how it goes. Now just got to get through to 2:45!

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  • Best of luck! Let us know how you get on x

  • Will do x x

  • Good luck and hope all goes well.

    Have you got somebody going with you as i find it helpful to have 2 sets of ears in case you can't remember something that was said but another person might.

    Let us know how you get on please x

  • Well after having to wait for an hour and a half and in agony I finally got seen. As suspected I am now on a waiting list for a full hysterectomy, ovaries, endometriosis excision, cervix the lot! In the meantime I have been prescribed zoladex and livicl. My head feels a little mashed but now I know what's happening. Just got to wait six months now for it to happen. Any advice or information would be helpful. Thankfully a great friend came with me so I wasn't alone. Now the waiting starts again x x

  • Glad it went well and you finally got an answer. Take care and hope the zoladex helps in the meantime with the pain x

  • Can i ask what your scans , examinations revealed? also which center you went to?

  • I've had a prior hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. I also had mri and ultrasounds. The laparoscopy identified endometriosis in the ligament behind my womb and the consultant on Wednesday also said my womb didn't look normal. I have been to Worcester royal. He did an internal on Wednesday to help him decide how to do the surgery. Hope this helps.

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