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Today's the day!

Well today is the day of my first lap.. and the nerves have hit me!

Im nervous as to what they find, and I am also worried that they don't find anything and then I am back to square one. I am also scared of the pain afterwards etc. and the fact that I hate the idea of being put under and not being in control of my body. I know it will all be over before I know it, but its such a daunting thought! Here's hoping later tonight, I will finally have an answer to my 3 years of pain!

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Hi darling just wanted to put your mind at rest, fingers crossed your experience will be a nice one as mine was, I had mine on sat, had a huge wait 6 hours before I was taken down but everyone was lovely my hubby stayed with me the whole time.

I like u was more worried about them not finding anything, but they did, I am now recovering very well and a lot less painful than I thought it would be, sore and tearful, but not that bad, sleeping ok and resting loads,

I stayed in sat night it got very late and I hadn't weed, and I wanted my husband to get back home for our sons so I stayed, and was glad I did, I got up and down about 10 times to have a wee and rearrange my self.

Any way let me no how you get on, at least you will get some answers.



Good luck with your lap today, hope they find some answers for you. Keep us posted with your recovery.



Good luck - I hope it all goes well and you get some answers.

Bella x


Good luck, hope it goes well and you have the answers you need xxx


Hope all has gone well x


Thats me home now, still quite sore and sleepy but good news is they didn't find endo however the down side to that is im no further forward knowing whats causing my pain. I have another appointment in May with the pelvic pain team who will talk mw over more options, but until then not really sure what im going to do because im still signed off work thats how bad the pain is on a daily basis and im really worried about my job.

Thank you for everyone's support through all this.

Susan x


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