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As you can tell im awake in agony right now. Come down to sofa as not to wake my husband or son although woke our puppy but gladly hes asleep cuddled into me like a hot water bottle.

Im on my tens & had painkillers. Im in tears this is awful.

I have pain EVERYWHERE but no bleed yet.

Although this does happen without bleeding.

My right arm is chronic pain as is my glands swollen

Behind my right ear. My legs & even soles of my feet.

Help! Does anyone else feel like this at anytime!

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Hi Lizzie

I hope by now you have got some active pain relief and feeling a little more human? Is it your endo pain that is giving your the pain or could you be coming down with a bug or a virus.

I think manyladies on the boards would agree that as endo sufferers it seems we have poorer immune systems and often pick up the slightest bug that is going round.

Hope you feel better soon

Caroline, x


Hi caroline

Thank you for your kindness.

Todays been a rougg day but have to keep going with little lad. Then off to work but now ive crashed & burned!

Yes agree with yiu about low immunity - i always catch all bugs!!

Waiting for hubby to get home then climb into bed.

Thanks again.



hi, i know exactly what you are going through because i am going through the same thing right now. i a here tying and it's painful. my arms hurts so bad that when using them i would have to pause or switch hands often esp when writing and that is difficult for me because i am a teacher and i have to do a lot of writing esp on the board and that requires me to lift my hands often.i really do hope that you get through this soon. i have given up on medications i try to bear my pains which don't work out well at all for me but i prefer it as to having to use more to help with side effects of others.

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