Endo and ringing in ears

Hey ladies hope your pain behaving today. My ears having been ringing consistently, is louder when I try stand up or do something. Getting fed up with it along with everything else like you all put up with. I read few articles and study that a majority of ladies with endo get this like titnitus. It's not just in endo people with it, people with limbs missing or some condition that effect the body apparently, it's the brains way helping to manage the pain. Fascinating really I was wondering if any of your ears ring and what you do to help it or advice you know of?

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  • I'm sure I have tinnitus from my symptoms, it only seems to be in my left ear. I should get it checked really but can't bear another medical appointment! :/

  • I get really bad tinnitus! I never assumed it was anything related to this though so thats really interesting

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