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Couldn't get to my right endometrioma, due to it being stuck!!


Hope everyone is OK. Just thought I would write a blog, whilst sitting here recovering from my Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy.

I had my surgery yesterday, and it was my first one. Wasn't as bad as I thought pain wise, but keeping dosed up on pain killers!

My surgeon was supposed to drain both of my endometriomas. I have one on each of my ovaries. They were measured in January; my left being 7cm and my right being 6cm. Since then, they have both grown to 9cm. My left one was drained, but my right was so stuck to my bowels, they couldn't even get to it. To quote the words of my consultant "you were a right mess in there"..At least he was honest!!

My endo has also spread. In January when I was scanned, they told me it was on my pelvis, bladder and bowel, and ovaries, but they said my uterus was fine, This was good news for me, as me and my husband are trying for a baby. But it has now spread to my uterus. It feels like bad news, but I am due to start my IVF in July, so hopefully it won't have spread much more by then.

xx xx

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Hi Trish

Just wanted to say I know how you feel, I had my first lap a few weeks ago and it was so extensive they couldn't treat it, I had a 15cm endometrioma and 5 smaller ones, endo on my bladder, ureters, bowel, pouch of Douglas, 2 blocked tubes, and everything's stuck together, having 3 months of prostap then going back to see if its shrunk enough to treat

We are so waiting to start Ivf, my amh is only 3 unfortunately due to the damage to follicles in my ovarys, I only have 3, so it will probably be donor eggs for us

So hard all this isn't it

Lilly (Lauren) xxx

trish_88 in reply to Lilly83

Hi Lilly83

Thanks for replying! It is hard when you think you are getting somewhere, when you have surgery, and then you feel like your back to square one!

I hope the prostap helps to shrink everything down for you, and good luck with your IVF! Thinking positive thoughts for you! x

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