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First Gynae Appt- medication given primolut N and two other meds

Hi I am new to this, had my first gyna appt today, dr was lovely, he never mentioned endometriosis and either did I but I felt the questions he was asking was leaning towards it, he did a scan and said my endometrium was very thin. I have been on yasmin for 5 years so I can have my period every three months as I have to take them back to back due to the pain. he has prescribed primolut N and I can't make out the two other medications on the prescription, I collect it tomorrow, He also mentioned cycts 'popping' on my ovaries and it was to do with yasmin and I didn't under really what he meant by this :S any help would be greatly appreciated

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I'm sorry I don't know what primolut n is.

Unfortunately they can't confirm endo with anything other than a lap - did they mention this at all? The cysts thing sounds more like pcos as endo cysts often have to be drained or removed surgically. However it is possible to have both endo and pcos - I have both.

Once you know what the other two things are pop back on here x


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