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Does anyone have breathlessness / chest pain during cycle?

I recently noticed I have been out of breath often. I thought I am getting old (42) and not doing enough exercise (well this is true). I usually notes down my symptom in my diary so it is useful when I go and see a doctor and I realised this breathlessness happens just a couple days before period and during my period.

I have terrible stomach pain from 10 days before my period so I thought I am stressed with this pain and the stress make me out of breath?...does it?

I also noted in my diary that I had few chest pains which were bad enough to note down and they were happened on the first day of bleeding. I am really tired and dizzy until heaviest days (Day 4-5) are over (I bleed for 10 days). I thought this tiredness and dizziness were purely because of bleeding but it could cause this breathing?

In March, I was at my desk (work) after lunch and suddenly I had quite severe pain on my left chest. It was like something big thing trying to go through (a slight blockage?) and it was only a moment but it was enough to frighten me. After that pain my left arm was uncomfortable (pins and needles and really tired arm) all afternoon and had muscle ache on the next day. That was the first day of my period.

Today I had chest pain. It wasn't as bad as March one but uncomfortable enough. It hurt the outside of my left chest. This chest pain was followed by a couple of days of breathlessness. I was out of breath just talking to my husband at home during the weekend. I get breathing difficulty laying on my side so I have to change my position or sit up on my bed sometime. I got some palpitations just sitting down quietly today.

I am usually running around trying to live my life as a full-time working mother of 5 year old boy. I don't go to the gym but I tried to find some time to go for a walk. I don't have time to do nothing unless I am in bed in pain. I don't say I am fit but I don't think I am not unfit either.

I do know the condition that endo could go into the lung(s) but it is very rare. I am wondering if I am getting endo in my diaphragm... I have dense adhesion in my pelvic area and my right overy and womb are stuck, and also I am told that I almost likely to have endo in my bowel by my consultant (awaiting a laparoscopy).

I am going to see my GP on Wednesday to discuss my medication. I am going to mention about my breathlessness and chest pain. I have complained about palpitation 2 years ago and had a 24 hours ECG and a heart scan and I do have abnormal ECG but my heart is working fine.

The fact breathlessness and chest pain comes with my period, do you think this is related to endo? Or do you think I am just stress to my endo and adhesion pain?

I am going to have a MRI in the end of May. I presume that is for my pelvic area. They won't scan up to my lung, will they? even though if I mention it to my GP and if he contacts Gyno dept...

Well people who do have collapsed lung, what kind of symptom did you have before actually happened? Do you think I am on the way?

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I'm the same: getting out of breath and getting pain in the days leading up to my period. It's been suggested that it could be endo on the diaphragm as it was found not far from there when I had my last lap apparently. Its something I've got to discuss with my consultant next time I see him as it's gone from an annoyance to actual pain and getting progressively worse.

I think you should ask to see your consultant.

Good luck x


Hi Cloudyrain,

Oh you are the same. My chest pain is getting worse and longer so is my tummy pain. I am experiencing shortness of breath at lot and very tiring.

I will see my GP tomorrow and talk to him about the chest pain.


Take care.


I am so glad I found this site. For whatever reason I keep ending up in urgent care during PMs becuse I get weird chest pains. So glad to know I am not alone


Oh god reading this I can so relate, I get beathless, I feel pain esl left side and have pain down my left arm , that the shoots down to my hand and fingers, sometimes even my left chin hurts, its scary and I can so relate, I don't know whether I have Endo, I have other symptoms too, and talked to my doctors of all these symptoms including the chest pain, she just said or its all hormones..have had ultrasound scan twice nothing shown... but these things I am experiencing including the chest pain... its scary and so thankful I found someone else to relate to esp about the chest and breathlessness...thank you for sharingxxx I hope you find answers soonx

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I'm new to this forum but I've suffered with three pneumothoraces ( collapsed lungs) during my period. It's call catamenial pneumothorax. I'm waiting to be diagnosed with endometriosis but I have all the symptoms. You need to have a chest x-ray or CT scan during the time same time as your chest pain. Hope this helps?


I’ve noticed I have pain every now and then in my chest thought maybe it was form something else. I’m not asthmatic but have sued an inhaler to help with the pain and breathlessness. I’d like to hope it’s not related


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