Chest Pain (stitch like), shortness of breath

Hi All

Just wondered if any of you have the symptoms as described in the title ? The chest pain feels like a stitch right on my heart and the shortness of breath feels like my lungs can't expand, like something heavy is compressing them or my chest is being crushed by a heavy weight.. It seems to happen cyclically which makes me think it's got to be linked to the endo. I've had bloods, chest x-ray, ecg last month and some month ago with nothing showing as abnormal. Anyone else the same ?

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  • Do you think it could be stress or nerves cos i get the same symptoms & minrs definatley anxiety.x

  • Well I have been diagnosed with anxiety so it could be... Although my GP wasn't that convinced last time I saw him. The other thing is that it isn't happening all the time, only certain time of the month. It does feel like an anxiety attack though I can't think of any reason why I should have one at the time... I deffo would prefer it be anxiety rather than another thing related to endo, that's for sure! Lol

  • I have an appointment for colonoscopy on thursday.had m r i last week! Pain management clinic Day after so yes anxiety certainly kicks in! Especially while waiting for results!! Its dreadful what it does to your nervous system! Wish we all could wave a magic wand!! Xx

  • Tietez syndrome?

    Maybe check with the doctor? I have Tietez Syndrome and it feels like a stitch or tightness around the chest mostly left side. It's a inflammation of the muscles around your rib cage.

    I hope you find some conclusion soon!

    Clumsy πŸ˜‡

  • I'm pretty sure you can get endometriosis on your lung tissue. It's rare but possible.

    Failing that could it be asthma?


  • This happens to me when I have an anxiety attack or panic attack. But I also have asthma x

  • It may sound daft but u get this if I don't drink enough water. I think it must be dehydration. Worth giving a try anyway x

  • Hi just wondered if you've got anywhere with this? Having similar symptoms. X

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