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natural sanitary protection

Hi There everyone

I dont need sanitary protection at the mo as I am on Zoladex,but I bled for England a while back I was always a little concerned as to what they put into santry towels etc ,bleach etc and looked high and low for an alternative recently i have found 'natrucare'sanitry towels in waitrose thought people may be interested .Hope all are are having an ok day.


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The EU has much tighter regulation on what goes in to sanitary protection (towels and tampons) than most other parts of the world including the US. Most of the scare stories came out of the USA and do not apply to the products sold under the same name in the UK.

Of course in the old days ladies just used rags and washed them out as and when required. The most eco-friendly method of all. But stopping bleeds with mirena or pills will save a small fortune every year too.

Seems a bit odd that you're willing to put manmade chemo zoladex which is highly toxic to the human body in your system but at the same time concerned for the chemicals in towels and tampons.

Doctors and Nurses must wear protective clothing and gloves to even put a zoladex implant in another person for fear of contamination, but our bodies are disposing of those chemicals in to the water courses every day we are on the drug and visiting the loo.

I wonder how long before we are no longer allowed to flush away what we excrete ?

I have already read that diclofenac pain killer kills vultures in the wild. And when I had a radioactive isotope put in me for another medical issue some years ago, that was in the days when I went for a pee and all that radioactive waste just went down the loo, since then regulations were tightened up, it must now be collected up and returned to hospitals as radioactive waste for disposal, meanwhile whatever I and many others sent in to the sewerage system is still out there somewhere. A scary thought.


I thought it may have been helpful to other people who are not 'putting a man made chemo zoladex'into their bodies.I also thought this was meant to be a site to share imformation which is what I did..I will think twice in the future if this is the response i get.


thanks for the tip mablesky, I understand your concern, I'm more of a tampon girl (sorry if tmi) and the idea of the chemicals leaching into my body isn't great. I found mooncups a while ago which are reusable silicon cups which you use in the place of tampons (non applicator so you have to be prepared for that) and I find them great because no matter what my flow is doing it copes so I don't have to worry about leaks anymore. they're available from boots if anyone is interested.


Yes Mablesky I use Natracare as I prefer to opt for less chemicals whenever I have the choice. Have you also heard about natural sponges which are wash and use again?? Awesome for toxic load and very environmental... but I'm not sure if I'm ready for them!

I have to be on the pill, doctor's orders, which is obviously synthetic and loads of things you read say can be toxic. I don't like that I'm on it, but as I have to be it I try and choose the less-toxic versions of everything else (deodorants, cosmetics, household cleaning products etc) and it helps me feel like I'm doing the best I can to help my body out!

Thanks for posting. xx


thankyou for your responses its always good to have discussions on these things .I will definately try and go 'more natural' if/when I come off the zoladex and I start the flow again!Bxxxx


Thanks for info..i still have heavy bleeds an get sore with some pads..will def try j xxx ignore sill post above.x


Have you heard of the new sanitary pads at Holland & Barrett?

The name is 'GIFT', and I tell you - they really are! At last someone has actually put some thought into what women need! I've tried the other natural brands and they just turn to mush and aren't comfortable at all.

They're not just comfortable and super-absorbent and natural, but they contain a layer made of the tourmaline mineral that my herbalist had told me about. It balances hormones and gives of ions that kill infections and keep you from getting sore.

They've actually helped me in many ways.

Well done H&B for stocking them. I think you can get them on line too from their website: giftwellness.co.uk

Hope this helps you like its helped me :)

p.s. you'll see that they give a large amount to charity too...