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Laparoscopy recovery after excision

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Hello everyone

Had my first lap done over a week ago and excision done and unstuck my appendix . I’m feeling better than I did but due to sick note expiring soon I am unsure what to do. With regards to work . I have been extremely tired last 2 days and wondering if this is because I’m doing more … I’m an early years teacher of any of you have had a similar experience ? Many thanks

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Hi, I currently work from home on the laptop. I had two weeks off work but I probably should have taken another few days to a week off. I felt better at the end of week 2 but so tired and very little concentration.You'll know your body but remember to rest, if you're in charge of lots of children I would make sure you are 100% better before you go back.

Im into my 4th week post lap and still sore. I work from home on a laptop and went back after two weeks but was really knackered and definitely wasn’t on normal form. Trust your body, if it needs rest, rest.

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Hunter-23 in reply to Bxsimms

Exactly the same as me, wish I took more time off! I'm 5weeks po now

I was off for 4 weeks and I work from home from my laptop. My job is very stressful so I wanted to make sure I can handle the workload and especially the pace before I am back and I have been extremely fatigued for most of the 4 weeks and also had an infection in the incision area twice, so rushing would not have been wise.

I am better now with occasional tiredness still but at least I can run fast enough to the loo and for a tea break 😄

I would say do not go back to work unless you have been perfectly energetic self for at least few days in a row if you can.

I am a secondary teacher and was signed off for two weeks following excision of endo primarily in my pouch of Douglas. I am due to go back to work on Monday. My pain is definitely less than it was, however I am still very tender and I am also still so tired and wondering how I will keep up with the pace of everything in school as there is never any ‘down’ time. I am planning to go back on Monday but I am going to be really honest with my boss about how I feel - incase it is too challenging. I am normally running around constantly at work and at the moment I have felt exhausted after walking around the block so it’s obvious I am not quite 100% yet but also don’t want to ‘let down’ my work by not going back.

I hope you feel better soon!

I’ve now got an infection so I have been sighted off for another week now so hopefully will be able to resume normal duties soon. I am exhausted just walking around the house so don’t know what it will be like being in a busy classroom!

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