thoughts on doing a charity event for endometriosis

hey everyone

I just wanted your thought about holding a event to raise awarness for endo and also to raise money to help other people like us as so many ladies are suffering with endo and not getting the treatment quick enough due to lack of funds for doctors and hospitals that can do it. I live in Banbury and due to my local hospital having the women's ward close I now have to travel to oxford for treatment which is not ideal as back in may 2016 I had my cysts burst and ended up with septacemia in the blood and I had to be transported to oxford which is a good half hour drive and when in pain and and nothing working pain med wise it was a long and painful trip. So I want to raise awarness so us suffers can get the right treatment quicker.

Many thanks for reading this. comment down below or private message me your thought.

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  • I think it's a good idea, but for a fundraiser your going to need to get performers to get people to come. Endo march happens in march I think and it's a fundraiser to spread awareness.

    Is there maybe a Facebook group for your city where you can post this question? That way you can see if anyone is willing to perform.

    Performances could be anything from music to ranting.

    Hope all goes well, I'm in Canada so I'm not sure how it is in the U.K.

  • Iv been wanting to help with a fundraiser for ages! I'm in Buckinghamshire so message me if you have ideas or anything I can help with .


  • hey can you prrsonal message me your email please im in oxfordshire

  • i will be sending a mass email to everyone who wants to help

  • Hi i think its a great idea i live in caerphilly and i would love to try and help raising money

  • hey can you inbox me you email as i will send out a mass email to everyone who wants to help

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