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Hey everyone,

Hope ur not in too much pain at the mo.

Does anyone have any bright ideas to help them sleep?? I'm really struggling to sleep due to the pain in my lower back, lower stomach, top of my legs and my general pelvic area. My GP gave me some sleeping tablets to try a couple of nights a week which I manage to get about 3-4 hours sleep on but I really don't wanna keep takin them on top of all the painkillers so I was hoping that u guys cud take some time out to send me some messages lettin me know what helps u all to get some sleep wen ur endo is really bad.

I'm sick of not sleeping, everything is so much harder to deal with wen ur in pain and tired as u all wud understand. Wud like to try and make the most of this week I've been signed off by trying to catch up on some sleep so thought if u cud be kind enuf to suggest some tips I cud try them and hopefully find summit that works for me.

I'm lying in bed with 3 hot water bottles and I've taken all my meds including oramorph cuz its that dreaded time of the month again but I still can't get comfy. I really hate this horrid disease, I've got everything crossed that takin the pill will help this time round cuz I can't keep goin like this, it's ruining every aspect of my life and the way I'm feelin right now I'm not sure how much longer I can keep fighting.

Sorry for moaning and bein down at the mo, I'm sure many of u are struggling more than me.

Sending love and thoughts to all who are dealing with this horrid and cruel disease.

Danni x

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Sorry to hear your suffering so much hun, it is indeed a cruel condition. I'm afraid to say I use sleeping pills all the time, it's the only way I can guarantee a few hours sleep. I am not suggesting that you do the same but it works for me. The other thing many find useful is Amytriptyline which is a type of anti depressant that helps block nerve pain and can help you sleep too. It does work for some, I found it gave me a few nightmares but did help sleep. If you want to avoid medication, Mindfulness Meditation Cd's can help soften the pain and you can go onto Utube and download free ones. Jon Kabatt Zinn helped to found this method which is now being used worldwide and even by the NHS! You could look for a Wellbeing Centre near you or most Buddhist Centres do 10 week courses (once a week for 2 hours) on MBCT. It's nothing to do with religion but it can really help physically and mentally. Maybe do a meditation exercise before bed might help.


Indeed it can be a cruel condition. I'm afraid i do regularly use sleeping tablets to help me sleep through pain. I still wake often early when they start to wear off and find that the pain usually wakes me and I have to rush to the loo, as holding even small amounts of urine or if my bowel needs emptying hurts even more. Some find Amitryptaline a form of anti depressant can help nerve pain, relax you and aid better deeper sleep. It does work but for me (not everyone) it gave me nightmares. Others have no problems at all so maybe worth a try! Mindfulness Meditation MCBT can also help soften the pain. It is a method brought about by Jon Kabatt Zinn and now taken on by the NHS to help with the feelings and mood around pain. You can download from Utube meditations free of charge which might help. Check out local Wellbeing Centres who often do 10 week courses on this (2 hours a week) or even Buddhist Centres who run Mindfulness Meditation courses.


Hi Danni1608

Like Juleyanne said amatriptolen is helpful if I 100% know I won't sleep because of the pain I will take between 1-5 of them.

Sometimes I just cry myself to sleep not ideal but eventually I will nod off after a big cry.

Also this works for me (sometimes) set myself up in the living room fall asleep watching tv.

I'm so sorry your suffering so much, I can really empathise at the moment (also that dreaded time for me)

Hope you managed a few hours?!

Hayley xxx


Hi, i'm like yourselves and find it difficult to sleep, the gp prescribed me amitriptaline which i was taking regularly, i now have a new painkiller combination, paracetamol, mefanamic acid and nefopam, combined with cyclozine and amitriptaline i take these with the hrt prescribed after the zoladex and then i tuck myself in bed with either the laptop or something rubbish on tv, i will play games which dont task my brain but are repettitve and make me sleepy, i sleep better than i used to, there is nothing worse than not sleeping.

hope you managed some sleep and can have a good day xx


Hi, - This helps me 70% of the time so worth a try...have a long long hot bath - as hot as you can take it!! That starts by easing the pain - then your regular meds with the comfiest (not tight) pjs and a hot choc - youtube sleep songs and relax. My consultant always told me most of the problem with endometriosis is learning to live with it. By getting your body and mind as relaxed and comfortable as possible helps - and take some strong tablets to do the rest.

It's awful not being able to sleep due to this horrific disease - try not to let it beat you and keep your chin up xxxx


Thanks guys, managed about 3 hours in little bursts last night, been an emotional wreck today so I've had a hot bubble bath and read a magazine whilst in there, now curled up with a couple of hot water bottles and I've just taken my tablets, feelin very tired so fingers crossed I manage to sleep tonight cuz I really need some!! Really do appreciate ur messages and will be talkin to my gp on wed about different meds. It really helps to get advice from others and know I'm not goin through this alone.

Danni x


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