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well I'm writing this to keep you lovely ladies updated. I wrote a post ages ago saying that my consultant was putting me on zoladex for 3 months with ouT HRT and to see if my back pain is connected to endo, plus the possibility of having a hysterectomy.

Well i had my injection on the 19th April, so its been in my system for 3 weeks now. I seem to be doing fine on this, my cramps are less as I'm not bleeding now, but i do still get cramps. all my pains all over my body has disappeared but the pain is still chronic in my back and hip which the doc said it would be. I;m extremely happy to have been put on this medication :), heres hoping that because of this good outcome i can actually have a hysterectomy.

Hope you ladies are all ok we have to keep smiling. xxx

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Hi there i am in the same position as you. Although i havent been diagnosef with endo as never had a lap i suffered terrible with pain and extremely heavy bleeding after trying varios tablets and the mirena my consultant finally agreed in january hysterectomy was the best option as i had completed my family. He said i was to have 3 zoladex while i wait for a date which i still havent had yet so now on injection number 4 my bleeding has stopped and the pain is more bearable but although i am taking hrt the side affects arent nice i am losing hair, sweating and having hot flushes contantly. Cant wait to feel normal again.x


Hi I'm on my 3rd Zoladex injection, with HRT and awaiting date for hysterectomy, i have suspected endo and daughter cysts on my ovaries.

i still get quite a bit of pain but i think thats the cysts rather than the endo, i am still having a period although not as heavy as before but still very painful, again possibly due to the cysts, as i know zoladex can make cysts grow, i am also suffering from severe mood swings especially straight after the injection a day or so later does anyone else have this?

Winey and mumsye i hope that you have excellent consultants like me and will have your hysterectomies sooner rather than later, i had to fight my corner to be referred to the top endo guy in the north east but managed it so happy i did it makes a huge difference xx


Hi ladies, I've been ill since last April, 2 ultrasounds last summer found nothing, discharged by gynae and referred to gastroenterologist. Saw a different dr and she was full of herself telling me I had ibs. I knew it was something gynae because of the type of pain and where it was. Anyway I went along with ct scan and colonoscopy which found nothing and the gastroenterologist in december told me he thought it sounded like endo. Referred again to another gynaecologist who I saw in feb and he said yes sounds very much like endo. (Sorry for the long history but pls stick with it) and he prescribed zoladex and livial and to see him next month when hopefully my periods would have stopped and I would be pain free. Ive now had 4 injections. I'm 50 and poss in throes of peri menopause, years of prolonged heavy and painful periods, clotting etc. my pain is still with me almost constantly but bearable most of the time, ovary and womb area, back, vagina sometimes, needing the toilet badly (both types) increases pain. Ive been feeling better in myself for past six weeks or so i dont feel exhausted and drained all the time and i went back to work last week but just part time after six months off. Working days I'm no good for anything else and just concentrate on getting thru the day.

I thought when my periods stopped I would magically feel better, in your experiences do you think I still have pain because the endo is elsewhere as well as womb and ovaries? Does this mean that a hysterectomy won't make any difference and even if I don't ever have another period I still won't be free of pain? You all sound as tho you are in similar state as me I hope you having a good day today x


Hi winey. I too have the exact same issues as you with the back pain. I have had it every day now for the last 6 months, it is debilitating and has resulted in me almost being bed ridden and on a cocktail of pain meds including Oramorph. Right from the very beginning my lower back pain has been dismissed as being part of my Endo, despite me keep telling them it is the exact same back pain I have always had with my period, constant, dull, nagging, dragging, gnawing pain, like labour pains (I also describe it as like having Wisdom tooth toothache but in my back). I had it just before and during my period in October, only this time it didn't go away. I have been diagnosed with Endo on both Uterosacral ligaments, which I have read can cause lower back pain, but I still feel it is being dismissed. I have had my back examined, had a normal lumbar spine xray, seen a Physio who says I have better mobility than him but still I am fighting my corner. I saw my Cons. yesterday who seemed a bit more understanding of the back pain but still not convinced, and have been put on GNRH with add back (don't know which one - forgot to ask, doh).

Soooo, the plan is, if my back pain is Endo related, within 2-3 months of taking GNRH (causing chemical menopause) the Endo will be starved of oestrogen which it feeds on and my back pain will stop, if it continues, then there may well be another issue with my back (unlikely because of all the tests I have had done) and he will arrange a fast tracked MRI on it.

How are you finding it on the Zoladex? You say it has helped your other pains? Is your back pain the same as before? Is it relieved even just a little. Are you having any awful side effects?

So sorry you are going through this, but so glad to find someone going through the same as me. Hoping you're not in too much pain today (I have already had two doses of Oramorph today - on top of Tramadol, Cocodomol, Buscopan etc. and it's easing slightly, enough to come on here and sit up and look out at the sunshine from my bedroom window). Hope you can enjoy the weekend and I look forward to hearing back from you when you can.

Hugs xx


Amb43 my back pain hasn't stopped. it is still there but not as bad. all other pain that was associated with the back pain is gone. Having this zoladex doesn't stop the back pain. my consultant said , if it stops all other pain then it is endo. but because the endo is in the back, the pain wont go completely.

Altho i get cramps, this injection has calmed the cramps down loads. I've not yet had any symptoms with the injection. I was wondering why people are on the HRT with this injection?

Blimey Amb43 i thought i was on lots of meds, i;m glad u are able to have a sit at the computer. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Hugs to you all. xxx


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