What? No toast!!

Hi ladies 3 days post hysterectomy. Feeling pretty good. Total laparoscopic hysterectomy took 3 hrs as a bit of work to be done re adhesions etc. but specialist confident I shouldn't have further problems from endo. Have started HRT patches already . Early days but will keep posting. Hospital and staff were great but due to a fire risks as its an old building , no toasts for breakie!! Forgiven already :) xx still have a positive head on. We all suffer this cruel disease and cope with pain relief in different ways. Hysterectomy many times hasn't cured it for lots of us maybe just maybe it might sneak back in but for now I am me and I am saying good riddance. If your at an age and stage of your endo life where it's a consideration then feeling how I feel after a big op I'd say its really not that bad. Personally it isn't any worse than my laparoscopy in November infact I'm mobilising better. Please don't take this for granted that it would be easy for all because its not but its not always a horror story. We are individuals and having the support and advice here is so helpul but we must do what we feel right for ourselves. Hugs J xx

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  • Hi.thank you for sharing a positive story.Fantastic that you are feeling so well.

    Take it easy and wishing you a pain free future.

    Enjoy! X

  • Thank you for the story and take care xx

  • Hi this is an amazing story many thanks for posting this, I'm supposed to be having. Full hysterectomy on the 17june and have sent my gyno a letter with the posts on here about HRT and oestrogen as I'm worried endrometriosis will return, as apparently with HRT this is what happens but if everything is taken out then fingers crossed it won't, but I need him to tell me the truth as you say it's a big op, I have stage 4 endrometriosis and a stuck bowel to my womb so I'm pretty scared as I could end up with a bag, so at moment waiting for a reply from him, but wow you've made me feel great about going through with it, I cannot have any more decapeptyl so this is my only option I have not been able to have children due to my blocked tube fibroids and cyst on ovaries plus my husband has low sperm, so this is goodbye to children which is a killer when all you've ever wanted was your own child growing in your womb, but I have three level disc disease too so I wouldn't be able to pick a child up, and caring one too, so I don't have a choice through this I'm disabled too, but hey worse out there than me, but please keep us up to date on how you get on, this has been the best story on hysterectomy I've seen and you've made my day as I'm not sleeping through thinking what could be, so bless you. I hope everything stays that way for you, big hugs xxxx

  • Oh my goodness bless you. You certainly have a lot to cope with. Your endo story is very similar and if you want to message me with any questions about my experience then please fire away I'm open to anything and it will be a pleasure to help if I can. This forum had inspired me but has also given me reasons to be cautious however we as individuals have to take the path that we choose is right for us. I'm here resting on my bed so please ask away take care and thankyou for your kind words. J x

  • Take care! Thank you for your story for sure! I hope you have a speedy recovery, keep us posted! Re no toast, that's nonsense for certain! There's zero legislation that dictates the ban of toaster use in old buildings. Lol !! They need a new h&s mgr there, sorry I work in this field do it bothers me that you cant have some tasty toast because someone is over egging the h&s pudding! Lol. Take care and all the best, with toast! :) x

  • Lol I've had my quota of lovingly prepared Toast since being home. My marmalade Sarnie was ok actually. 2 mornings without was bearable the hospital redeemed their brownie points with the excellent care and attention:)) J x

  • hey im glad your feeling well after your op im 8 weeks post op Total laparoscopic hysterectomy my experience from the op is rest rest rest all though you may feel good and pain free wow you get really tired very quickly once you up and mobile even when i went shopping in my fourth week i wanted to sit down a lot and got very achey but now im up and running with a little discomfort which is normal so my doc tells me and im back to work tomorrow :(

    i was given a little tip to get my up and go back towards the end of my 6 weeks post op and that was to take vitamin B6 which i got from the health food shop it helps with tiredness - fatigue and it helps the regulation of hormonal activity ... i must say i do feel better in my self from taking them

    take care and make sure you rest rest rest xxxxx

  • Hi Shaz thankyou. Yes I'm with you on the tiredness. I'm getting some back pain probably early days and swelling etc. almost feels sciatic around the dimple bit on your back!! Actually been out for a little walk and it was little bit absolutely done in so going to try a snooze now . I will get some Vits that's great advice hope you too continue to be pain free hugs J xx

  • Hey Jalo how are you doing i hope you are resting well and not having to much pain xxxxx:)

  • Hi Shaz well my goodness me the tiredness hits hard doesn't it? So having great support from family I am forced to rest! Boring as it is:( I overdid it Sunday purely by walking a small distance and getting up for the day it wiped me out Monday. So one week on I'm good one day and flaked the next but still amazed that one can be up and about so soon:) I'm having low back ache horses for courses I suppose but I'm coping on paracetamol and Brufen. The pain is just bruising and soreness as would be expected after surgery but its certainly not unbearable, and debilitating as endo. Pretty much like a moderate headache and its intermittent:). I may have another uti as I still have stents in but that can be sorted soon. Thankyou so much for asking. How are you getting on? Hugs Jane

  • Hey Jalo im doing well .. well so i thought i went back to work last week post op 8 weeks doc said i was fine fit and healthy so off i trot first day ok second day started to feel really tired third day i wasnt myself swollen ankles back ache tummy aching went home to bed ...next day 4th day i turned up for work saw the boss and just broke down in tears i was sent home and told that i have returned to work to early so they are going to allow me to work 2 days this week to see how i get on (im a senior social care worker in a large nursing home) . Dont be tempted to go back to work to early ..... im glad that you are listening to your body its so important....... im just starting to get the house back to its normal living state having 3 males in the house is like having young children all over again lol what they see as being tidy is so different to my tidy men hey (2 sons 15 - 20 and my partner ) .

    you take good care of yourself

    chat soon i hope

    shaz xxxxx

  • Hi Shaz hope you're feeling better. Can you do a phased return to work? I'm a teaching assistant so I have the summer holiday ahead of me to make a full and proper recovery , lucky me;).ive not been great this last 3 days. Think I over cooked it again on Friday having a good day I got up all day. I had visitors which was lovely but in the evening I got a bit stressful over something and that set me back. Had a bad night in discomfort then Saturday felt horrid. Sunday I went to out of hours GP as I'd been sick and felt weak.All obs ok but fluids and food were priority urgh food! Soups,soup, soup!! My hubby has almost force fed me but I have started to feel better. Next problem she gave me co codamol so we know what that does. Omg!!! So hopefully the next few days I will pick up. Having further problems with ureter stents. I don't think I will start to feel great until they go which should be soon. Thanks for reply good to get someone else's experience. Hugs and wish you well on your return to work. I know what a demanding job working in a care home can be as I was once in a Senior position in a large establishment. Long hours and lots of time on your feet. Take it easy x Jane x

  • hi jalo i have been told by the boss that im only to do 2 days a week at the mo and im being taken of my floor so im not nursing at the moment im doing training and paper work so that is a relief really .... how are you feeling now not to high on the co-codamol i hope :)

    shaz xx

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