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Endometriosis and children


Hi everyone,

I am 25 and currently undergoing further consultations which look like they are going to result in my second laparoscopy in 2 years.

I have suffered with symptoms of endometriosis since I was 13 and my first round of surgery and various medications seem to have had little lasting effect.

My biggest concern (aside from the excruciating pain and the raging hormones) is of course children.

My partner and I have been together a long time and have a very stable relationship. We have discussed children at length and know it is something we both want. However, we are not yet married and would ideally like that to be the case before we start a family (we can't afford a wedding at the moment!).

Basically, I would like to hear other people's experiences with having children. My consultant has made it clear that the earlier you try the better. I would never forgive myself if I didnt give myself the best chance possible of having a family.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi, I'm now 35, I had my children when I was 21 and 24 years old, I'm glad I did, I've only just been diagnosed the last six months and also told my tubes are not in a great state, and i would probably struggle to get pregnant if i wanted more. Best of luck xx

Hi if you are having a lap you could ask if they can do a dye test to check your tubes are clear if your worried, but until you start trying you won't know. I'm 35 and have read IVF is only funded in my area up to 35 so not looking hopeful for me but your young and when the times right if you do need help you should get it. On the other hand there's plenty of ladies on here that haven't had problems and my blocked tubes could be from previous surgery or infection or endo so it may not be endo that caused it. There's no guarentee with or without endo my sister forgot one pill and fell pregnant, my other sister took 2 years and my cousin needs IVF and none of them have endo so I think its just got to be when you feel ready then try and fingers crossed xx

Hi there, when they do your laparoscopy they will have a good idea of the damage it's caused regarding your tubes etc. Also ask if you can have an AMH which indicates your ovarian reserve, I think you have to pay for it, I think it's £55 but probably worth it on your case. I am 37 and had my AMH done? It was extremely low and they said this could have been caused by the endometriosis and as its not something you can improve it means now that I might have to consider donor eggs, that's not a position you want to find yourself in so I'd do your homework now if I was you because now we are in a position that a wedding is on hold because of fertility treatment and believe me it can be very expensive.

Good luck x

Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm new to this website and it really is so helpful and reassuring to hear from others. Also it helps to know the questions to ask as I do sometimes feel like I just sit there at my appointments and don't really get very far!


Hi. I've had endometriosis probably all my life judjing by the severity of my first periods and the 'discomfort' I had at the age of only 11. It was untreated and undiagnosed until I was 36 when I had trouble conceiving. I was lucky to have an operation to clear it all (mostly an endometrioma on one ovary, which was spared) and then get pregnant relatively quickly. I also had hypothyroidism diagnosed at the time (another autoimmune condition) so the treatment for that will also have helped me.

I now have 2 lovely little girls. I know I am very lucky. If I had the choice to have them earlier knowing what I know now I would, although we are now able to offer them a much better life than we could have done 15 years ago.

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