How long to wait for an initial Gynecologist appointment with the NHS

Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a good day and not in too much pain today. I just have a quick question, and I expect it is different for everyone depending on what areas you live in. However I live in West Sussex and wondered if anyone has a rough idea of how long a wait I might have for an initial Gynecologist appointment? Are we talking weeks or months??


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Hello. I can't help you I'm afraid. But am in The same situation as you at the moment. I'm in West Sussex too. My doctor said she'd refer me last week. Hope we both don't have to wait too long. X

Hi Badger,

I hope that you don't have to wait long either. I've not long had an op for endo but was under a general surgeon and had paid to see him privately at Goring Hall as the initial appointment isn't that much and it does cut that wait out so I was weighing up whether to do that again.

I hate waiting i'm too impatient!!

Hope you're not in too much discomfort


My first referral from gp took about five weeks to see gynae, but I've also had one that took 8 wks, I think it comes under the 18 week time limit though, it will just depend on your area and how busy it is. Hope it's not too long for you xx

Hi the nhs have a policy that u shud be seen by ur consultant within 6 weeks then if he or she decides u need a lap it wud be within 14 weeks which is ur right as a nhs patient I asked when I had all this @ start as my works were causing me stress as I was ill all the time , it shud be the same in any county good luck to you xxx

Thank you ever so much for your replies Worth71 and Blondie120, they are really helpful, I just don't like not knowing and like you Blondie I want to know what to tell my work as I know i'll need a lap as I am being referred from a general surgeon who informed me of this to a gynecologist, so that's really helpful as at least I have a rough idea now.

Thanks ever so much


Hi everyone.

I was diagnosed 2wks ago & my first consultation is on the 21st. I have a 5cm endometrioma , I don't know if that means I will get seen faster.

I was told up to 8 weeks.

What I was advised is that you can call patient access & say you will accept a cancelation .

Good luck xx

Hi Christel,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, that's really helpful, I hope that you aren't in too much pain and that they do something quickly for you.

Take care


When I saw a general gynae it was all fairly quick, about 6 weeks wait for appointments then 3 months for surgery. I'm now being seen by a specialist endo centre and it took 4 months from referral to have my first consultation, and I'm now on a 6 month waiting list for surgery.

Thanks Doodah, hopefully i won't have long to wait then as it's just for a general one at the moment. Hope that your surgery goes well.


I had a pretty quick turn around was seen by gp with this random pain, two weeks later had an internal scan, back to gp for results. Two weeks later was seen at hospital by a gyne, given the pain, discomfort n impact it was having on my day to day life they jumped me to the next surgery slot , 2 weeks. So about an 6/7 week process.of all ..... Just fustrating its then 12 weeks before a gyne will see to see how things have gone ....... PANTS. good luck xx

I waited a few weeks for my appointment in Shoreham which is on Wednesday. I think I waited a month for my letter then few more weeks till my appointment.

Hi there, Just reading everyone waiting time has not been too long. I had a scan pretty quickly after seeing the GP initially. Returned to the GP a week later and I have two fibroids - one is 3cm round and the other is slightly smaller. He prepared a letter to the hospital for a gynecologist appointment and I received a letter from them 4 days later to tell me the waiting time for an appointment is 11 months - im really disappointed

I live in Liverpool and when I saw my GP on friday she made a gynae appointment there and then for me, the closest one was 3 weeks from now!

she used the "choose and book" took on my behalf, im not sure if all regions in England use choose and book yet

I went to my gp in November and only now have got a appointment for march sso the wait is quite long :/

I saw a GP in October, got my referral a week a later to book an appointment then the soonest appointment was November so it was only around a months waiting. I got a list of hospitals close to me to choose from for the referral so i chose the hospital which had the least amount of waiting time!

Hope you get seen soon x

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