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Zoladex Injections, HRT & Fertility?

I've recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis after suffering since the age of 14 with terrible periods and being dismissed by my GP! I am 26 and was rushed into surgery 3 weeks ago when a chocolate cyst ruptured.

The next stage of my treatment is the Zoladex injections with HRT - I'm not sure i want this treatment, the way i look at it is unless the treatment will INCREASE my chances of getting pregnant i would rather not jeapordise my relationship and weight appearance etc. by going through this. I have dealt with it this long if i decide to try getting pregnant again then i will put up with the pain but until then i would rather just go on the pill as i know it helps.

This is all so sudden and I am scared of how i will be on HRT as my mum reacted bad, and i'm also getting married in 12 months after 6 years with my partner who is a diamond and puts up with a lot and really understands what i might have to go through, but why should he have to put up with it?

So my descision is unless it helps me get pregnant i'm going to refuse the treatment.

Can anyone offer advise or experiences ?

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It is YOUR choice, no one elses. don't be railroaded as the person who will have to put up with the consequences is you, not your ~GP or gynae or family but you.

There are risks, but only you know for yourself what is too much to cope with.

Personally I wouldn't do it again, and I would and do try my level best to cope with pain killers and period/endo pains as and when I need to take them, taking over the counter ones when that's enough or switching to the heavy brigade ones when I do need stronger pain relief. If you have managed thus far, with painkillers when you needed them and yes still feeling grotty and in pain but managing to get through it each month then that is far far nicer to cope with than a potential bad experience on the zoladex. HRT doesn't work for every woman either. It's a huge gamble as to whether it is going to be a good or bad experience, also a gamble as to whether there are long lasting consequences or really good fortune on coming out the other side none the worse. And what ever the experience it is only a short term 6 month treatment and after that you are back to square 1 again anyway, but without that option left in reserve.

So long as you are aware of the drugs side effects and you make an informed decision, that's the main thing. Lots' of us are not given that choice. Either put on the drugs without having a clue what they are and what they do, or are given the briefest of explanations or false promises of a miracle cure and that type of rubbish.

If you have decided not to go for it now, that is absolutely fine. You still have that choice for some point in the future, perhaps after you have completed your family or perhaps if your endo situation deteriorates, or perhaps never ever ever.

Who knows what miracle drugs are waiting for us round the corner in future years.


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