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What are my options in a fertility clinic?

Ive just been for my appointment after my laparoscopy and after having a painful 2 months the doc confimed endometriosis is back. I have another scan in 8 weeks however he said he will then refer me to a fertility specialist as i will need help getting pregnant.

What are my options at the fertility clinic? i am in ireland so im not sure what type of help is available here? (apart from ivf of course).

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if you click on my communities at the top of this website in the green banner, then click on other communities you'll see a huge list which includes IVF, pregnancy and parenting and so on.

You might get a much better set of replies targetting your question to those forums than this one.

There might be some on here that have been through IVF, but most likely you'll get answers on the forums dedicated to fertility issues. Good Luck.


Thank you for your reply i will do that now


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