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Help... I need a bit of your help


Hi sorry to disturb you... I have endo since 3 years now and at the moment I'm not doing very well as I am always home and don't do anything when I get home from work as I work long hours... so lonely big time.... had been almost 2 years... also I am on the depo injection and now my eyes causing great deal of having lumps and stye and it keeps coming up all the time and wondered if the medication is causing it? It getting me down and havent been anywhere for the last two weekend.. I appreciate some comments

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having endo and being run down will make you more prone to infections taking hold because you can't readily fight them off. Might seem a daft question - but do you wear eye make up and if you do, how old is it?

Old eye makeup can retain bacteria and just when you've got rid of a stye or infection, reintroduce it again as soon as you reapply mascara or eye liners thinking your eye is better.

see your GP about getting meds to battle to bugs, and ditch any old eye make up you have had for a while and either stop wearing it or buy new stuff but don't use that till you are free of eye bugs.

There's a list of the maximum life span of makeup on the following article:

and most of mine are way beyond those best before dates. I hardly ever use t these days, and can't afford to keep replacing things which have not run out literally.

Could you do a class and learn something new? Even if you can't commit to an evening class, there are lots of one day weekend courses run at adult education centres that are relatively cheap. It doesn't even have to be something you want to learn, more something you don't know anything about.

Oh, and totally agree with Inpatient on the eye make up thing: I have manky eyes, but never any worse when I was on the depo. Things like contraception that effect your hormones can make your eyes slightly drier, so if you get dry eyes maybe speak to the pharmacy.

Good luck x

Thank you for the messages and to be honest I have wore ny make up for a long time and I don't intend to wear it if I have.... cannot afford to go any classes and I get up 4.30 am every morning and go home at 4 pm and bed by 9 pm... weekend I do try and go and see a friend some weekend but not every weekend so for eye I had infection on both two yrs ago... that was horrible and it been like that in and off for two years x

Sorry I meant to say haven't wore make up

A lot of weekend classes run by local authorities are free, or cheap (£10 per session). Have a look at the websites for all neighbouring district/borough and county/city councils. They also do lots at libraries at weekends (book clubs, history groups, photography) and they are all free.

I make myself go out and do something nice every day I'm not at work (even if it's just a crawl around the garden centre). Sometimes all I can manage is to sit on the back yard with a friend and a cuppa and a bit of cake. Like you I sometimes have long 12 hour days, but then I make time to read a book or watch a bit of TV for half an hour.

Good luck x

yes i can see that but i live in cornwall and there is not much things round where i live... i would love to do photography and might look that up if there is one... i sometimes try and sit outside for a fag (bad habit)... my cat give me company sometimes but it hard when he is off to the farm... when he does and i can manage to go to bed a bit earlier which is nice... i sleep a lot as i never oversleep at all... i have no friends come round to visit and the only person who visit is my mum and dad... i have lost my friend to cancer nearly 3 years ago... but i am going to lanzarote in 8 weeks so that should be good for me.. but i know that i will be knackered when i come home... which i am not looking forward to that though...

i had counselling but that didnt help me as i could not buck myself up to go somewhere or do anything... i have a book keeping course which i am trying to finish when i do it and then i thought ohhh cant be bothers... i cannot pick myself up and do something... i just work and no play at the moment...

i used to go out pubbing and clubbing and really enjoyed that and now havent been for over 2 years... then my so call friend said to me one time no point to text me as i never go out and i was gobsmacked and thinking why she said that as she doenst understand my situation and she is a damn nurse herself... grrr... so i basically dont want to know her again... she really hurt me... i seriously need friend to go out with like once a month that would be great but all my friend where i live are busy and have their own friends and i did ask one friend but never happened as i feel that they dont want me there... i am hard of hearing though...

thank you for your lovely advice...


I have just completed free online course self-management of long term health condition google expert patient programme. Was so good as you didnt go out, coupd speak to people online with all different long term conditions and it helps you learn how to deal with feeling isolated due to your condition. No exams or anything just good tips, lots pf obvious but when we are overwhelmed with pain sometimes the obvious or helpful is hard to see, I cannot recommend it enough x

thank you for that... what website is that?? thanks again for this

well i finally knows what wrong with my eyes as i have blepharitis which were a big blow for me now i am keeping that clean and making sure i dont get it again...

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