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Nerve pain?

Hi ladies. 6 weeks after my lap and laser surgery the pelvic pain finally stopped then I exercised and pain is back. It seems like a nerve pain rather than endo as its sharp rather than achy. It's on the left side of my pelvis (where my endo was) and makes my back feel dumb and I also get a bit of pain down my leg. Has anyone else experienced this and did you find any medication which helped? And has it improved with time or is nerve damage permenant? Thank you xx

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Hi I was feeling like that up until this week, since my lap in feb I have been on the pill constant, I was beginning to spot everyday and my gp thought i needed a period, came on medium period and pain in there but not bad at all, I used to be unable to walk after an hour before and now loads better, I had cyst endo treated on pouch of Douglas , hope this helps x


Hi I've had really bad shooting electric pains going down from pelvis hip and legs. Painkillers weren't helping so spoke to doctor and now have new pills which are for chronic nerve pain they are also used as anti depressent in higher doses but have only taken 3 days and the nerve pain seems to be better ! Still early days but fingers crossed as it was worse then otherpains but now I'm more aware of the stabbing in my ovaries than my legs so seems to be helping. They are nortyptiline may not be spelt right ! Am still taking paracetamol and ibruprofen too with them so doctor hopes ill gradually need less painkillers once these start working. It's a horrid pain so ask your doctor for something if its still bad. I'm 4 weeks since lap and have been told should get better depends if its just from op or endo irritating nerve I guess x


Forgot to say I'm also on amitriptyline (a few women on here are also) it helps the nerve system from the brain to the body, help you sleep and even used as a painkiller. I have no side effects from this med but I normally do from other drugs, google it and see if u might benefit from it x


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