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No idea what my renal profile results actually mean!


Hi - new here. I've been having blood tests really regularly since Feb when I developed thyroiditis. I've just started on thyroxine yesterday as now hypothyroid. But all along, my renal profile has been tested and of course I look at every test result! lol. My creatinine has been over range all this time, and my GFR has been getting lower. It was at 55 5 weeks ago, and yesterday was 41. Obviously, I've looked at CKD charts and 41 falls into 3b I think?

But what does it all mean?

Additionally, my cholesterol is too high. My WBC counts are high, inc platelets.

If anyone can shed any light on this or where I should be looking (I'm afraid I keep going down a rabbit hole), I'd really appreciate it.

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Hello SkyeRalph,

Sorry to hear you’re having so many health problems at the moment. Are you under a nephrologist for your kidneys? You are right in saying that eGFR puts you in Stage 3b. I don’t know how old you are, but I would say you need to be asking your doctor why your kidney function...basically your eGFR is a percentage of kidney function, why your kidney function is dropping.

There are certain things diet wise that can help to look after your kidneys...I’m sure some others will have more insight about that!

Stay safe!


SkyeRalph in reply to madonbrew

No - I’m not under a nephrologist- I’ve only been seeing my GP and I hadn’t asked about the renal results as we were focussing on the thyroid. I need to ask him to explain it all. I did email him asking, but I haven’t heard back. I’m 52. My weight is an issue, so not sure if that is a factor. But I’ll ask him to go through it all. Thank you!!

HI SkyeRalph,

Lab results are often scary when you do not understand the results. You need to spend some time with your doctor to review the results and determine cause. We cannot diagnose here. But have hope as there are things you can do to help slow the progression of CKD. But first understand what is going on and be aggressive with getting the answers you need.

Here are some websites to start with

Thank you so much. You’re right - it’s the results with no explanation & worrying without knowing what I’m worrying about! Lol. He’s phoning me on the 19th, so I’ll ask him for some time to go through this. Thank you for the resources - I’ll look there now. And good to know it can be slowed! Thanks again.

Hi there, there is a link between hypothyroidism and low GFR And high cholesterol is definitely a symptom of hypothyroidism. If your GP has not indicated that you have another known cause of your low GFR perhaps this is the reason? Perhaps once your hypothyroidism is being treated properly your GFR may improve? It’s worth posting this to the thyroid UK group as they have quite a lot of knowledge these sorts of effects of hypothyroidism. I should say I’m not a doctor and can’t diagnose but it might be worth investigating and discussing with your GP.

SkyeRalph in reply to Julesboz

Thank you! I have been posting in Thyroid UK group - they have been great at helping me understand all of the thyroid stuff & they did point out these links too. I didn’t realise there were all these links.

Julesboz in reply to SkyeRalph

Unfortunately a lot of doctors don’t see the links either. My gp denied there was a link between hypo and high cholesterol even though the NHS website explicitly states there is one. I think a lot of medical professional see each different organ/function in isolation and don’t see us a a whole ‘machine’ ie if one thing stops working it has a knock on effect.

Do you have an infection? You say WBC was high. You may be dehydrated, also. I find it hard to drink enough in the Summer months, and my GFR almost always go down during the Summer months.

No infection & this has been 4 months now - I was assuming it was the inflammation at first & CRP high too (just gone higher) but they said the thyroid is only slightly enlarged on one side. I know I need to go through this with my doctor, but the focus is usually the main thyroid stuff or my MH! Lol. I might be dehydrated, but I’ve been saw a nutritionist, in between those tests & have been drinking more. I’m just confused & too much time on my hands in lockdown I think!

Yes, too much time can be an antagonist to letting our minds think too much. Hopefully, you will get some good answers soon from your doctor. Always go by your labs, and how you feel, and of course what your doctor says.

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