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Just got my urine results in my mailbox without an explanation - help?

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Hi everyone, my doctor discovered in a blood test that I had a GFR of 63 (I'm only 37 years old), then I did an ultrasound, which was perfect, and now I got my urine results in the mailbox. They look alarming but I won't be able to reach my doctor before tomorrow afternoon. I have 1,9 creatinine, very high level of bacteria, high level of white blood cells, high level of epithelial cells. I know you guys aren't doctors; but any idea what that could mean? With googling I ended up with Nephropathy? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

11 Replies
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Those urine test results point to a urine infection which should be treated urgently with a course of antibiotics so that the infection is prevented from travelling to the kidneys and causing a kidney infection.

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Sarahdottir in reply to Celtic

Weird. I have no symptoms of a urine infection. I've had them in the past and they were always super painful, and there was blood in my urine. Right now everything is fine; I don't think it can be that. I'll update when i've spoken to the doctor. Thanks!

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SamuelChin in reply to Sarahdottir

I am 34. I had a spot urine check two weeks ago, it showed 3+ Protein, a bit of red and white blood cells, no casts. My ultrasound showed that my kidneys are fine. I don't experience any symptoms, except my BP is a bit high 130/90. I guess each person is different. It is definitely worthwhile to have it properly checked. I am seeing a physician next week.

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Bet117 in reply to SamuelChin

Best to get it checked. Proteinuria and Hematuria need to be watched.

Please get back to me and let me know the outcome.

Think Positively!


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Celtic in reply to Sarahdottir

The appearance of bacteria, high white cell count etc are what I have experienced with UTIs. It is possible to have a UTI and not experience symptoms especially in the early stages.

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Sarah: be patient, and confident; and please don't play matching with Google. I tried the same thing when I learned my massive protein leak, and I got "potential kidney failure". It is best to see a physician to have a detailed examination. Since you don't feel any symptoms, any diagnose at this point is considered EARLY.

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Sarahdottir in reply to SamuelChin

You were right ;) The numbers on the urine test were actually not alarming at all, according to my doctor. I freaked out because the lab had marked them in red, above the norm, but it's fine apparently. I was too impatient!

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Sounds like urinary tract infection to me. I get at least one a month.

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Wait, I am confused. You said your creatinine level was 1.9??? I assume you mean 1.9 mg/dl. That would make your egfr MUCH lower than 63.

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Sarahdottir in reply to RickHow

It says 1,9 g/L. I spoke to my doctor today and she said it's surprisingly good? Apparently all the other numbers are not alarming either, it's a tiny but above the norm but nothing crazy. Now I have to wait 3 months to see a nephrologist.

Edit: it also says in the document that 0,6 until 1,8 are normal.

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So glad the doctor is not worried. Keep an eye on test results get a written copy and keep checking and comparing. You must be your own advocate. Voice your concerns. Ask as many questions as you need to.

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