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Can anyone help me interpret my results?

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Albumin, RD urine - 2.06

Creatinine Urine - 96mg

Micro Alb Ratio Urine - 21mg creatinine


Creatinine - 1.2

Albumin - 5.3

Protein - 8.1

I'm a 32 year old male. 6'4 230 pounds. I have no diabetes and my blood pressure is usually in the range of 130-135 over 70-80. I had a cardiac cath done last July and it showed that my GFR was down to around 78. The creatinine and everything else is the same at 1.2.

How do these compare to others with CKD? My doctor just called me and said to "not worry about your kidneys. They are functioning fine" but I know the current healthcare model is "don't do anything until you are FUBARd". I'm just nervous that I'm not going to make it too long with the kidneys and it seems that dialysis and everything going along with it is a nightmare.

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Been at this longer I guess. Look good, blood creatinine of 1.2 ,mine 0.9, albumin 5.3-mine 4.0. wish I could get it as high as yours. Total protein 8.1-mine 6.6 acct. low albumin. Creatinine level in urine shows good filter rate. All within wanted range.

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Thank you for the response, shooter. :) makes me feel better. Hope you continue trucking and doing well.

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Hi, not a doctor but I definitely watch numbers as I have function of 1 and 1/4 kidneys. The gfr and creatinine from what I see are in okay numbers. Maybe since you have the bit higher blood pressure numbers, increase your water intake and lower sodium intake. I watch blood pressure closely too.

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First of all remember that eGFR is just an estimate of the filtration rate of your kidneys. Your creatinine level looks fine. Did your doctor tell you you had CKD? Even if you did have some loss of function, it does not mean you will one day be on dialysis or need a transplant. Your labs should be repeated and you should keep track of the results. One slightly elevated lab does not CKD make. Usually, labs are repeated over a years time before they can make that diagnosis. Many times your lab values can be off due to dehydration, stress. Consciously drink more water and make sure you are hydrated the day before you have your labs drawn.

So, I would tell you to make sure you keep your BP under good control, drink plenty of water, watch your salt intake and do moderate exercise. Contact your doctor's office and see about a repeat lab appointment.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your response. If you have CKD, would you please let me know how your labs were? I just want to know for reference how other labs are for people with CKD.

Do your lab results not quote the particular lab’s range for each of the tests? Mine do and that helps because different labs have different ranges.

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Yea. I'm in range with most, but being in range doesn't tell the complete picture. It's why i also posted my urinalysis. I know I have early CKD, I just wanted to see how others peoples lab were here. So i know when it's starting to get really bad.

I hope that all goes well for you. I can manage an eGFR of about 80 on 1.5 kidneys - previous partial nephrectomy because of an oncocytoma.

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How long have you had a gfr of 80 for?

I have managed to get it back up to that. While I had the tumour it went down to 63

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Hi Barton

Even I am 32 years male, my GFR is also varying from 70 to 80, my urine report is nearly as normal, even I am worried as our GFR is lower compared to others of our age.

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The advice given below by the moderator still holds. Each laboratory may have somewhat different "normal" ranges for their tests although there is considerable overlap. You should use their values along with any other interpretation given by your docs. There is a heavy emphasis throughout with everyone re eGFR measurements. These values are overinterpreted. Yeah, maybe it's better to have a GFR of 90 rather than one of 70, but realize that THAT cutoff number, 60, is rather arbitrary. Calculations resulting in values over 60 are very approximate and inaccurate. The most accurate values, purposely made so, are those between 25-50. All this according to my nephrologist.

Actually, he stated that there was no such thing as "chronic kidney disease." It was an invention of insurance companies. More on this in another post.

So, as long as your don't have any protein in the urine and your creatinine levels in the blood are within normal ranges, then your eGFR really doesn't matter that much as long as its over 60 (and even that has been a subject of debate). Any of a wide array of events can take place which will throw that value way off on any given day.

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