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I was diagnosed in 2012 with GFR of 16. I first became deathly ill in 2011 but wasn't diagnosed till 2012. I became deathly ill twice, both before the diagnosis. I also would become very ill the 3 times I took flu vaccines before 2011. I had CKD, frequent urinary infections, kidneys full of stones. I also have 2 congenitally small kidneys and many family members with kidney failure history. The surgeries for the kidney stone raised my GFR to the 20's From 2012 to 2018 my GFR would go up and down in the 20's never getting above 29. Infection would lower it, antibiotics would bring it back up. Throughout this I have been very conscious of healthy eating and exercise. I limit pop. My brother passed away in 2012 in kidney failure. He was diagnosed after me and his GFR was actually higher then mine before it bottomed out and he was placed on dialysis, then passed away. My last GFR, this month was 34, the highest it has ever been since 2011 when I first became ill but wasn't diagnosed. Last month it took 3 antibiotics to clear up a urinary infection and the last one was very powerful so it is possible that helped my GFR.

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Thanks very much for sharing your story. I was diagnosed at 18% in 2015 and it's gradually fallen to as low as 12%.

Hi, do you both chance have PKD? That’s what I have. Runs in my family although it’s only known that me and a cousin have it. Great job on keeping your GFR up. Prayers for you. God can do anything

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