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Creatinine/gfr fluctuating


Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if it is usual for gfr to fluctuate. My gfr readings for the last three months went from 51 to 48 to 33. They then went back up to 43. Having them done again this week as doctor concerned due to previous history with liver. Have been fluctuating for long time before this too. Not under nephrology and havent had scan. Blood pressure been going up so meds increased. Was also asked when had scan on liver four years ago whether anyone had ever told me my kidneys were small, whatever that means.

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Hi there, since my diagnosis of stage 3 ckd over a year ago, my numbers has been 55, 51, 52, 48, 46, 43, 43, and now back to 46eGFR, my Creatinine since my last bloods in April was 111, my nephrologist is happy with my numbers and with being stable at stage 3 since my diagnosis, but said although I do not need a dietician at this stage, eat sensibly and do not add salt, no caffeine etc and increase drinking water intake. Now with me I suffered a reflux kidney when younger but since the ages of 31 suffered high blood pressure, I am now 46 years old but my bp have now and again gone out of control, so its put down to blood pressure for the main cause of my kidney disease.

I would have a word with your gp and ask for a referral to a nephrologist. I am in South Wales of UK and had to wait a few months before seeing one, once you see one, they will keep a good eye on you and give you their recommendations on how to treat you, such as meds to also suit your organs, (that will not aggrivate them) as meds can do this. In regards of your liver, are on on any meds now that may have caused issues with this?

I also had scans which confirmed one kidney noticably smaller than the other, although they are not that far out, but that is put down to kidney reflux from suffering many UIT/kidney infections when younger.

Keeping the blood pressure in control is very important for our kidneys, do go back and speak to your GP about a referral, these appoinments with a nephrologist are straight forward and they are there to help and also put your mind at ease. Are you in the UK?

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Did you ever get an answer? why such big fluxuations in numbers all the time? thanks! hope all is well!!

Hi thanks for reply. Im in south wales too. Have mentioned referral to cardiac consultant, liver consultant and gp. Up till now dont seem to think its neccessary. Yes its the drugs im on for liver transplant that are causing problems both with hypertension and ckd amongst other things. However they are keeping my liver under control so messing with them not really the answer. Will speak to gp after this lot of bloods as bp still over, liver consultant wanted it at under 130/90 and fluctuates a lot. Cardiac seem to think its ok as long as under 150/95. The waiting time is one of the reasons i would like referral now as even when its an urgent referral you can wait ages, waited six months for an urgent cardiac appointment.

egfr can alter day by day my hubby even on dialysis can be 7 ,6 or 8! one of the most important things to help protect kidneys is keeping blood pressure down his consultant always aimed at below 130/80 he said it helps protect the kidneys!

Hi thanks for reply. It wasnt so much it altering it was the degree to which it was altering dropped by 18 in three months then went back up by 10 in one week. All very confusing. Had bloods done again today so should know more next week. Got another kidney infection now. Third in three months.

I wish mine would rise that much! Wow! That's great. Could it be that you were originally exercising a lot, but recently stopped or backed off?

Hi no not exercising a lot, been unwell for years with fibromyalgia, hypermobility syndrome and other things so cant manage exercise. There was no changes of any sort between the two blood tests. Its great that it went back up i just dont understand why it keeps doing this.

Hi Just wondered if you have had your Calcium, Vitamin D, and (PTH, Parathyroid hormone) bloods checked lately (Early morning and fasting is best) . I was here searching for fluctuating GFR as this is happening to me. I believe the cause for me is a rare condition called hyperparathyroidism. Many suffers of this condition have kidney issues and many have been wrongly diagnosed with fibromyalgia also. Many docors dont know a lot about it and dont know how to interpret the blood test. If you can get the above tests done and post your readings even if the doctor says they are normal. I can look at them for you, just to rule out the possibility. Anybody who has kidney problems should have had these tests done as if the cause lies with HPT a op can cure and reverse many of the problems.

Fingers crossed for you then. Do you know Cwmbran Anita? I attend the renal satelite clinic at the Royal Gwent Hospital Newport, the main hospital for this is the Uni Hos of Wales (Heath) but the nephrologists use the clinic as said above at the RGH, easier for me to get to anyway :-) x

Hi yes i know cwmbran, my sister was born around that way somewhere and we apparently lived there twice (i was too young to remember). Moved a lot when i was young. I was born in north wales. Still waiting on results from thursday but hoping to get them tomorrow. Being treated for yet another kidney infection at moment. Take care

Well got results and gfr dropped by 3 since last week. Also urine test clear for infection. Still got the pain in back, although not as bad as was and now vomiting as well as nausea. Could this be kidneys or is it likely to be something else.


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