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My GFR was 11 a week ago and now tests show it is 108! How is this possible?


I went to the doctor last week because of my left ankle and foot swelling so bad my blood vessels were breaking and my foot was numb for 2 weeks and wouldn’t get better. My dr orderedblood work and an ultrasound for first thing the next morning to rule out a clot or infection. There was no clot or infection, but she said my creatinine levels were very high and my GFR was 11. She made me come back 4 days later, asked me a ton of questions about symptoms I was having, and diagnosed me with stage 5 renal failure and diagnosed me as having early stages of heart failure because my Natriuretic peptide level was 19,224 when normal range is 0-125. She made me an appt with a nephrologist and a cardiologist but also ordered the tests be redone. The test were redone late in the evening the next day and this time it shows a GFR of 108. How is that even possible????

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Personally I don't think it is, I'd see if there was a mess up at the lab?

Probably a lab error

100% lab error. Happens all the time. Her questions would have ruled out other causes like injury from an accident, from rhabdo, etc.

As others have said, it’s got to be a lab error. This is one of the reasons I know: The highest a GFR can be is 100! That’s generally what it is when you’re born.

Do you have any idea what your creatinine level was or has been before the Edema? It’s possible you do have some sort of chronic kidney disease, but these numbers are totally out of whack – and impossible.

Crinkster in reply to Crinkster

I would go to a different lab.

If it’s not a lab error which sounds possible then it could also be a hb level, 10.8 or 11 (slightly anaemic for a man)

Such a difference is impossible

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