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Abnormal Calcium blood results.....affects on gfr

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Hi, hope someone with more knowledge on Calcium can help with an answer. Over last month or so I’ve had 3 blood tests to check kidney function due to symptoms of fatigue, confusion, lack of concentration etc results were 58, 60 & 59. GP then now requested blood tests for calcium & vit d (results due back in 2 weeks for vit d). GP phoned today to say calcium was abnormal so going for a retest tomorrow. I’m not sure if it’s low or high until I see doc again. What I’m wondering is - if it’s low and they give me supplements, is it likely that my kidney function will increase? Or if it’s high, how do they treat it? I’m unsure if low kidney function is a symptom or cause of abnormal calcium levels or the other way round. Hope that makes sense....as my brain isn’t working at 100%....bit like my kidneys 🤪

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Thank you for taking the time to reply ginger888. I’ve put another post on tonight as I misinterpreted the phone call from docs.

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