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New to this group - any advice on blood tests?


Hi! I've been (and am) in quite a few forums on here, but I have been asked to go into my GP's for a blood test where I need to drink plenty of water the day before, no caffeine and eat no meat. The only thing I can find is a kidney eGFR test that needs this criteria. I went in for a thyroid blood test - but was told GP was checking a few things when the nursing assistant took my blood, and was called the day after my test was done asking me to go back in for another blood test (no results given as GP was off). Am due to do this middle of next week. I have got a morning appointment - would it be best just to drink justwater beforehand then eat breakfast after blood has been taken? Just wondering what would give the most reliable results. I have had a few years of varying symptoms and tests - in early 2020 I had some borderline kidney results and was told to have a re-test in 3 months - then covid happened. Obviously this has shown something. Any advice is much appreciated.

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Hi meggiemog, Yes, just have water in the am. It should be a fasting test. Do not do any strenuous exercise a couple of days before and right up to the test. The night before, try to stay hydrated and do not eat meat. Some chicken or fish or even eggs are good.

Let us know how your tests come out.

Thank you ! I thought that fasting would be best.

With such instructions, I'd avoid any meat, such as chicken meat, cow meat, etc. Really, why not just avoid any animal protein (cheese, eggs etc. too) just to be on the safe side? It's only for the day before. Though, and maybe I'm too careful, I'd be doing that two days before, as an added measure.

If you think you're heading for CKD, now is not too early to start modifying your cuisine towards vegetarianism (and eventually, become a vegan), as there are several studies showing: they're just as healthy for protein intake, but veggie protein is much easier (less stressing) for our kidneys.

~wbiC, member early-ckd-support forum

meggiemog in reply to wbiC

Thank you for your advice. I wasn't planning on eating any meat at all. In fact I often have veggie days. I have quite a lot of food intolerances, so going vegan isn't an option for me - am gluten free and can't eat oats, intolerant of soya and carrageenan . I tend to go for lactose free dairy too. I do eat a fair bit of fish, so would probably end up veggie/ pescaterian . In the last 3 years my taste has changed - so meat can often taste off when it isn't. Lucky I can cook I guess :-)

Hi meggiemog, if you are worried about what the test are for just ask your doctor. Speculation about what they are for will cause you endless stress. Just follow the instructions you have been given for pretest as doing otherwise might just complicate things. Good luck!

meggiemog in reply to mmwsmall

Thanks for your advice. I'm actually not that worried. I feel much better that something is being done! I will ask when I get my blood taken what it's for anyhow.

meggiemog in reply to mmwsmall

Had my test done this morning. It is a GFR test as the test done last week had a result that was out of range - that's all the nurse could tell me. Found the blood draw quite painful today, despite being well hydrated and a butterfly needle being used. Sometimes I barely feel it! She said it result should be back tomorrow and I will hear from them if this result is also out of range. She actually said the first test result could be due to dehydration and that is why they asked me to drink plenty, eat no meat and no caffeine. Just got to wait and see now.

Yes, drink plenty of water, but don't eat any food. You don't want to be dehydrated or the results will be not as accurate. Best wishes, and keep us posted. Don't stress either, it doesn't help.

You want your blood test to be a "true" test of where you are at as far as your kidney function. Dehydration, strenuous activity and eating a protein rich meal can effect your creatinine and eGFR. You should be fasting the morning of your blood work. Just make sure you are well hydrated the day before.

meggiemog in reply to WYOAnne

Will do that. I was hydrated and not exercised for the last test - the only difference is I had chicken the night before, I also fasted as the kind people in the thyroid group told me the most clearest results are first thing after drinking only water, which is what happened. The health assistant had trouble finding a vein, despite my drinking water before the test and the day before. It's not the first time this has happened. If I drink more - I go to the loo more, and it doesn't seem to stay with me if that makes sense. I actually drink at least 2 litres of water a day and no more than 2 cups of very weak coffee.

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