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This is me !!

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I am 76, went through 5 different cancers, lost my kidney in 2014. I am feeling great now and so much more energy then the last 10 years. I have finally learned that having a healthy weight does so much more for you. My BP is normal, no diabetes, Afib under control. Still under doctors care for bladder and kidney cancers and Afib. My GFR goes up and down. Diet is very important to control GFR. However, the bottom line is dialysis. My friend has very low GFR under 10 for a few years now, she is still not on dialysis. There is so many illnesses out there that is so worse then dialysis. Take control become a healthy YOU. I know that saying stop worrying is something none of us can do. However, worrying is not going to change your illness only you can. It took me over a year to lose 30 pounds, and I still need to lose another 20. Now that the summer is over maybe I can do this again. LOL We can all do this !!!

PS I live near Watertown NY any of my neighbors out there????

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buddygramma -- Congratulations on doing so much to improve your health and for having a positive attitude. I like your screen name. I am an 86 year old CKF patient and a long distance gramma. When I lived in Monroe, New York, I drove to Binghamton and Elmira, N.Y. on business, but not Watertown. Will check it out on a map.

Hi Monroe is about 5 hours from Watertown. So we are New York neighbors. LOL Buddy was my Shih Tzu . Grandkids called me Buddygramma and the other was Olliegramma. LOL

Hi -- The Shih Tzu is a lovable breed. My neighbor had one. When I would ring her doorbell, he would bark in imitation of a guard dog.

Congratulations on all that and thanks for such a positive share...good luck!

Have my CKD pretty under control for now. Going in for a biopsy soon for ovarian cancer. You give me hope and inspiration. Thank you!!!

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Good luck with your biopsy. EW you be fine. Great medical care today. XXOO

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Zazzel in reply to buddygramma

Xo back at u!

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