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Fast train coming (when renal relapse threatens)


Greetings fellow kidney-protectors. Some good insights would be appreciated.

Have lived with glomerulonephritis and varying levels of renal function for 30+ years. Currently on usual cocktail of immunosuppressants, steroids, statins. Live active, happy life focused on building health, strength and wellbeing which includes quite a lot of physical exercise.

A week ago I subjected my body to some intense physical exertion. It felt a bit much, so I spent the next day resting and carried on with the work week, more training, life etc. A week later, the kidneys are rumbling. I looked back through my health journals and noted that relapses have often followed a week's delay after the trigger (infection, food poisoning, exertion etc). Any suggestions as to why the body's response time is so slow?

And what can one do (in addition to rest) to really help one's system during the window-period?

As always, curious and keen to support my body better in the future.

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