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Very Early Morning: DEXCOM

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting this today. There’s a lot of information about the sensors. This might be a little longer than normal, but we’ll see what happens. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know anytime.

To begin with, the sensor from 3-31-2021 had been having a lot of issues starting a few days ago. This started Monday morning on and off was Sensor Error and alarms went off to wake me up very early. Then, again after breakfast same day. It continued after dinner for a few days in a row, too. I also had a few times a day when I had to recalibrate and test a few extra times a day— when I didn’t expect to do any testing except for the one before going to bed each night.

This morning was really bad for sleeping and the sensor. I was woken up by the alarm a few times today and I ended up calling to get a few free new sensors sent to me. The first time I had called the Tech. Reps., I was given one free sensor that should be here 3-5 business days. The other two are coming also next week, but they will be coming with a return envelope because the one that I was trying to use refused to release from the applicator and was stuck on me. This isn’t the first time this has happened. So, I was told to expect to get two sensors from the next order so I can do something if this happens, again and get a return envelope for the defective one to be sent back. We’ll see what happens in the next few days from now.

The newest sensor that I used after the defective one is working so far. We’ll see what happens when it gets closer to the 7-10 days. Watch this page.

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Dear Leah

No worry ! Please read my PM to you ! 🌈😀👍

Interesting! I started trying to get a Libre CGM in late 2018. Lots of objections as I am on a porcine MDI and not a pump and/or synthetic insulin. I started gaining traction in late 2019 and then bad things started to happen! So, I tend to find CGM threads interesting.

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